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If you haven't heard the news, the new Twist Collective is up. I feel really proud to be a part of this edition. My dear friend Julia has the cover design and rightfully so, because it's gorgeous.

And speaking of gorgeous, my friend Mary-Heather not only has a brilliant design in this edition, but she also modeled an entire story.

My modest contribution to the edition is Tolovana about which I'll post more soon.

Photo copyright Caro Benna Sheridan

For now, go go go, go look at the edition, it's a fantastic one, I might even be so bold as to say it's the best to date.


The issue is one of the best yet. While I don't think I'll be knitting any vital organs with human or cat hair, I love that the issue includes both tempting patterns and some far-out inspiration. Both you and Julia have designed wonderful patterns that we're all going to want. The collaboration is fantastic.

Yes, certainly one of the best issues so far! Although I have noticed that while I love a lot of the patterns I can see a few that just won't work for me personally. But that's ok, I have plenty of other Twist patterns to knit!

It is the strongest yet (and not just because three of my favorite designers are all in one issue). I love everything!

I saw your shawl in it, it's gorgeous! This has to be the best Twist yet (not that any of them were bad). I the story group of designs/photos was genius.

All of the issues have been so good I'd be hard pressed to pick one. But this is surely an outstanding one. The Fiona Ellis cabled hoodie caught my eye as well as your shawl.

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