Getting your greens


A fat squirrel on our patchy but quite green lawn. The girls are not fans.

Dastardly Squirrel

Yummy green olives, capers and artichoke hearts combined to make a delicious spread. Check click the image for a link to the recipe.

Artichoke Olive Crostini

Not green, but a recipe recommended by the same site, is a buttery tomato sauce I've garnished with bacon. Mmmm, bacon.

Tomato sauce

And lastly a quick little spiral striped (jog free, baby!) hat in soft superwash merino left over from another design.

Spiral Stripe Hat

I'm thinking I may rip the ribbing and rework it a little tighter (but not too much so) just to make sure it holds up to some wind. I wanted something loose and slouchy and not inclined to give me terrible hat head. I could sleep in this thing, it's so comfortable.


The hat (and the girls) are adorable.

Your dogs are the cutest. Now that the birds are out in full force, my Anjanka kitty sits at the window making these weird, clicky noises. Animals are too funny. And while Thea's enthusiasm is cute, Panda's stillness is just plain scary. Something tells me she'd be a good squirrel hunter.

I always love stripes! Really nice hat!

Two things . . .

1)Panda is a solid pro, who obviously knows that the squirrelly-bit is just baiting her. Good job, Panda, not rising to the challenge.

2)I assume that you will be bringing olive/artichoke/caper spread to our Spring Break afternoon . . . you know that Dylan would want you to :-)

Plus, hat samples would also work. You know what Dylan's hair can be like :-)

Oh, love the hat! I've always wanted to do helix/jogless knitted project.

And, we definitely loved the video of the puppies. Our puppy (4 lbs) guards our back yard and growls quite fiercely at every little child who walks behind it. We figure she thinks they are so little, she can take 'em.

What a cute video! I love that Panda is so serene while Thea's tail is going a mile-a-minute. That hat is just adorable and it looks comfortable too. :)

Cute hat, cuter dogs :-)

Also I wanted to thank you for the interview on Robin Hunter's blog. So much of what you said resonated with me!

We stand at the back door and whisper "squirrel" and Shelby comes running in a mad panic. She's down our back stairs like a streak of lightening.

Chasing squirrels is the highlight of her day even though she has no chance of actually catching one. It's too far from the door to the fence they run to for safety.

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