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I used to blog the most inane little bits of my life, at times, and now there is facebook and twitter to handle that task. But when it comes time to post, there are always such a varied assortment of things I want to tell you about that, for the life of me, I can't think of a decent title. Sorry about that.

Anyway, first and foremost, thank you all who purchased patterns from January 15th-31st, of this year. Your donations allowed me to make a total of $736 in donations to Doctors Without Borders. And lest you think that an impressive number, I've seen other knitters reporting several thousand dollars in donations from their own sales. It's amazing to see how a multitude of small gestures can add up to so much. Really, it's a metaphor for life and it reminds me that no bit of good is too small and every effort is meaningful. So thanks to all of you who donated personally or bought patterns from a participating designer. It's enough to make my crotchety little heart soften a bit.

In doggy news, the pups still love the beach with the white hot passion of a thousand suns

January 23, 2010
See all the pictures here.

The beef crunchies I made have upped the excitement for training time.

They work hard and they play hard. Awww

Toy nom
Thea's got a toy

And lastly for your moment of pure comic relief at the expense of what little shame I may have had left, I got an honorable mention (as did the beautiful Stitch Diva,) in the Regretsy Skants contest.

Help Me Pick a Skant Picture

Yup, this get-up doesn't even touch the wackiness the winners hit. Mine looks downright tame by comparison.


Panda and Thea are so adorable! There are no words to describe your outfit. :) Glad you won!

Great post! Love the skants! The video is so cute! What music did you use?

Aaaaw, I was so sure you'd win! But I'm glad you made it onto the site - what an - um - inventive bunch of outfits! :)

Great video, Panda and Thea are just gorgeous! And I'm damn impressed that they will wait for the click before eating a treat sitting ON THEM 0_o Wow. I'm lucky just to get Petal to lie down for her treats!

I had a good laugh looking at those photos. I loved the one of the kids who got carried away with the spirit of it & put underpants on their heads (covering their faces too)! Your outfit is tame compared to some. The beach photo is amazing & your pups are so well trained not to mention adorable!

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