I hope the dogs forgive us


Normally, when we go for hikes it's a no brainer, we bring the dogs. You may not be aware of this but we kinda love those little furry poop factories.

But, just about a mile from our home is a newly opened nature park with a few miles of absolutely stunning trails. It's a wildlife preserve and they do not allow domestic animals on the trails for the safety and comfort of the wildlife.

Cooper Mountain Nature Park
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1. Tree trunk, 2. No dogs allowed on trail...bummer, 3. Cragly tree, 4. Prairie overlook, 5. Blue skies and yellow leaves, 6. Blue skies and yellow leaves, 7. Autumn in Oregon, 8. Bird listening station, 9. Blackberry leaves, 10. Suggestive map, 11. Backlit trees, 12. Beautiful trail, 13. Arched tree
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It's beautiful especially with all the leaves changing, and I'm sure the pups didn't mind that we left them home.


Um, ok, next weekend, we'll take them somewhere they can play.


They look so comfy! They probably didn't mind at all.

Oh no! A beautiful park where the humans will be tempted to go for a walk instead of taking the furry family somewhere dog friendly? That's a disaster!

Maybe they didn't realize where you two went. Or did you come home smelling of pine and the great outdoors? ;^)

Seems entirely gyppy from a furry poop factory perspective.

Have you two had a chance to go wine tasting on Cooper Mountain there yet? Lots of nice wineries out that way...

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