La Cumparsita -- Coming Soon


La Cumparsita is arguably the most famous tango. We may not all be masters of those intricate yet subtle steps and intimate grips, turns and dips, but we can surely feel as sultry, wrapped in an airy and soft lacy shawl.

La Cumparsita

Sometimes finishing a project is an act of pure willpower and sometimes projects are a joy from conception to completion. This project fell into the latter, for me. I had no other pending deadlines, so this wasn't even a procrastination project, it was simply fun to knit.

La Cumparsita La Cumparsita La Cumparsita

  • Pattern: My own (to be released soon!)
  • Size: 62”/157.5 cm wide by 31”/70 cm deep
  • Yarn: Dizzy Blonde Yarns Super Sock in Farrah
  • Yardage: 550 of the 560 yards in the skein (WOOHOO!)
  • Needle: US#5/3.75mm

I am nearly done writing the draft of this pattern and am looking for a tech editor to finalize it. I hope to have the pattern available for sale by next month (fingers crossed.)

La Cumparsita


Amazing photos! I understand the urge to photograph shawls from behind, but this is the first photo I've seen where that works. Great job! And lovely shawl--love the contrast set up by the sharp angles and curves in the larger pattern.

Marnie, that is just lovely. I haven't forayed into "formal" lace, but this might be just the gateway piece.

Gorgeous, as always! It has such elegance to it.

That's absolutely beautiful. It only adds to the beauty that the yardage worked out so well. The only disappointment is that it's not you and Leo in the tango video.

I just might make this one! It's gorgeous! I love the dark yarn, too. So pretty!

I am speechless! Gorgeous!

Golly, that's pretty!

beautiful shawl, marnie! i'm so glad you included the video. i'm dying to take dance lessons. so much fun!

Really, really lovely.

The shawl is just stunning. I was curious about what you were working on after I saw the "peak" photo from your last post. You did a wonderful job on the design!

Beautiful work Marnie.

Gorgeous - can't wait until it's available - I've been looking for a shawl that size & shape for months now (too lazy to design my own) & that is perfect. I have some beautiful Isager yarn in a soft dove gray to use!

The shawl is so beautiful! Great job!

gosh, that is seriously gorgeous!

What a beautiful pattern! Excellent choice of matching the perfect yarn to pattern, as usual. Your taste is impeccable. Very lovely.

I'm really looking forward to this one :-)

Fabulous, dahling! And you know that I will happily look at the pattern for you. Looks like a great way to use special handspun, and shockingly I have been spinning....

argh! i'm a HUGE dancing with the stars fan, and you had me at hello withthis one. can'twait for it to come out!

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