And for the gentleman


I got Leo's scarf all warped up. I haven't spent as much time weaving as I'd like to, but when I do, it's completely entrancing.

So far, I've been kinda winging it with my weaving projects, but since this is for someone else, I wanted to carefully plan what I did. I had two possible accent colors; red and blue. The blue was fine but both Leo and I liked the red better. So I went through three stages of plotting the pattern, shown below. I did this all in Illustrator. The first shows a very small scale plaid, which would be fine but I have found that stripes that are less than 4 rows long don't look as nice because you have to weave in the ends and they take up as much extra space as the rows themselves. So the second version shows the same plaid but with all the rows doubled. The last version has the plaid slightly modified and offset so the center stripe is the accent color. You can click each of the swatches to embiggen.

As much as I like the plaid, I might make a version for me that's thinner and has just the vertical stripes. I think that'd look pretty nifty, and I'll have plenty of the yarn left over.

The dynamics of working a weaving project is pretty different than knitting. With knitting, if I get a little bored with a project, it can go into a black hole of solitude, never to be seen again (or at least until the yarn or needles are required for something else.) But with weaving, I can't start my next project until I finish the one on the loom, which means that my constant startitis is handily defeated. It's not that weaving isn't fun it's that I have a dozen different ideas I want to execute and I can't do them all at once so I have to do crazy things like prioritize and time manage. Whoda thunkit?

Brown and red plaid scarf

I'm awaiting yarn for a publication piece so in the interim, my knitting time has been spent on some brown lace

Prett brown lacy something

I don't yet know if this will be submitted somewhere or self published so I'm just showing this little teaser for now. Notice the lifeline running through. Lifelines are like car insurance, damn inconvenient when everything is going fine and totally worth it when you actually need it. Ask me how I know.

Also, I think this blog needs some dog


For some reason, they'd much much rather lie on our bed than on their own.


I can't wait to see what that brown lace turns out to be. The colors are awesome.

Wowee Zowie. HWWV just asked for a scarf like the one you are making and I still don't feel like I can.

What fibers are you using?

LOVE the scarf...lucky man!
I just spent quite a few hours with excel getting the pattern written up for my cardigan....just wanted to say thanks again for your great excel tutorials....they have helped me soooo much with pattern writing!

I saw the brown lace out of the corner of my eye and thought "I wonder what kind of pie that is". I was hoping you'd post the recipe!

wow, leo's scarf is awesome! i love it even more now that i've seen your other design idea swatches. and my pups like my bed better than their own, too :)

Very Burberry!

Sarah beat me to it.

A Burberry scarf - very gentlemannish!

that lace totally looks like apple crisp!


Love the scarf. In Panda & Thea's defense - whose bed would you rather lie on? Not theirs I bet (I'm just saying what they would if they could talk human.)

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