WEBS is evil. You think you'll buy yourself a little bit of inexpensive warp and then you realize that if you just buy a wee bit more of this and a little of that, and heck, you could use another shuttle, you'll get that discount, and well, then, you are cleaning out the ol' paypal account. Curses!

So I have a a few projects in mind. First up, a burgundy scarf worked in a strand of cotton warp and a strand of shimmery tencel. The colors are just different enough to give a lovely depth to the fabric.

Burgundy Scarf Warp

Unfortunately, I didn't plan my project well and used up three quarters of my supply of cotton on the warp.

Burgundy Scarf Warp

That wee little bit is all I have left of the cotton, plus some on the shuttle. The white is just there so you can see how much I used. I have oodles of the tencel, so no worries there. It should be an easy enough fix. Just order more, but (*sob*) it's on backorder. I'll just have to nurse what I have, until it arrives.

On an entirely unrelated note, we got hail here, the other day.

Hail Hail

The pups think it's fantastic, and I love listening to it ping off the corrugated roof of the overhang outside my office window.


WEBs is evil but at least you feel you got a super deal when you are done shopping. I love the colors you have going! Hope you get your new yarn soon. :)

OMG I love purples, and especially those shades together. You're right, WEBs is evil, I went on just to buy some yarn they had on clearence I was using and ended up with WAY more yarn than I should have.

Oh man, if you don't stop all this weaving productivity I'm going to have to get my loom out, too. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy weaving until I saw how much fun you're having.

It looks great!

this looks gorgeous! i just dont think my wallet can handle another hobby!

I've fallen in love with the purple tencel just seeing the cone of it sitting there! Hail is fun as long as you're inside or it's not too big. But then I also love the sound of a good storm!

Good god, the things I miss with G around! You bought a loom?!?!? Love the first scarf especially and am resigned to reading more often to followed your wefty adventures. Love, J

Gee, Thanks, Marnie.

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