Wanna watch?


I love watching people spin.

Now, I'm no Abby or Beth or Janel or Jenny. I'm just a novice spinner, so definitely don't take this as a technique post.

But in the interest of doing unto others and blah blah blah, here's me spinning on my 0.9 ounce Golding Spindle.

If you are so inclined and technologically capable, I'd love it if you posted a video of your own spinning style too. Just leave a comment here and let me know if you do so.


haha - AWESOME song choice! :) do you always spin with a drop spindle? don't you also have a wheel?

ps - i like your jeans!

Mesmerizing - is it as relaxing as it looks? And your hair looks really gorgeous!

I love watching other people spin/knit. It looks so foreign to me from the opposite side. I'm avoiding being caught in any kind of picture these days, but I'll think about taking a video if I can figure out how to keep most of myself out of it. ;)

If you'd like to join some spinners for fun, come down to the Central Library on Saturday 10-12:30. It's the meeting room to the right of the entrance. We'd love to have you join us and you could use a wheel or a spindle your choice!

you are unbelievably gorgeous and inspiring .. I want to learn to spin now !

That's fun. I need to get technologically savvy enough to do video.

Love the music. Terrific spinning.

Cool! I've never seen that before. Thanks for sharing!!

very cool, love the music too haha

Wow- I love watching people spin, too- thanks for posting! The rad soundtrack was a nice touch. Ha!

that was so awesome (and inspiring). i have to admit, i have never seen a spindle used before, now so much makes sense. you made it look all graceful like.

Wonderful video!! Thank you for including my blog on your short list. Much appreciated!
Cheers, Jenny

Fantastic, thank you.

Wow, this is SO interesting for me to watch. I took one class to learn the basics spindle spinning, but I've just been learning from books since then. I realized when I watched your video that I had no real idea of what skilled spindle spinning looks like!

You're probably 5 times as fast as I am, especially with the annoying process of wrapping the singles around the spindle. Very inspiring and informative for me to watch!

Hello, Love the video, I've been wanting to try drop spindles and it is encouraging to watch the video you made, you make it look fun, the song helps :) Thanks for the tips.

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