The little beast turns two



Above is the Health Record I received when we adopted Thea. They estimated her birth date to be January 30, 2007, which means that the little stinker is now 2 years old.

Like a really rank camembert, she just keeps getting better with age. I'm glad she picked us.


Her big sis turned 8 in December. I can't believe it's been 7 years since we adopted her.

And hey, it's my lame little brother's birthday too. Happy Birthday, Matt!

You may be my dorky younger brother, but I love you.


Happy Birthday Thea! :)

Aww ... happy birthdays all around!

hey.... Matt is cool! For his birthday present, I blindfolded him and took him to the archery store to pick out a new bow. Dude, that's not dorky at all! ; )

Happy Birthday Thea and Matt from all of us at home :)

Happy Birthday Thea!! and to your brother too!! Great pictures :)

Happy Birthday one and all...I love "the look" Panda is giving Thea. LOL

happy birthday thea (aka pearl?)

we have a border collie named pearl-we choose the name because we found her, as a 6-8 week old puppy, while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii!

i love your pics of the dogs-they always bring a smile to my face!

lots of birthdays all around!!! happy birthday to everyone!! :)

Aww, happy belated birthday to Thea and to your bro!

I love both pictures; of big sis and little sis, and of big sis and little brother. So cute! Happy birthday to Thea! :-)

Hey! Thea and I have the same birthday!...and so does Phil Collins ;)

Awwww - such cute photos! Happy Birthday to all the birthday kids (you're always a kid on your BD). Today is my partner's BD (we celebrated with my local daughter before we went to the opera Sat & she flew to the Bay Area Sunday - for work but she's already made a trip to PA & is staying over an extra 5 days to spend time with her sister & family).

Happy Birthday to everyone! Time goes so fast . . .

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