I had a damn fun weekend. My birthday came early when Leo got me a Wii. Before you say anything, yes, I plan to get the fit.


Leo beat me roundly at golf. Our first game was somewhat embarrassing but I assure you that he now beats me by a much narrower margin.

But golf is for chumps, and I smacked his arse in boxing and bowling


Heck yah!

Also, I've been spinning.

Eggplanted two-ply yarn
1. IMG_0049.JPG, 2. IMG_0048.JPG, 3. IMG_0046.JPG, 4. IMG_0041.JPG
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

General Specs

  • Roving From: Blue Moon Fiber Arts
  • Colorway: Eggplanted
  • Fiber: Merino/Bamboo
  • Yards: 290
  • Ply: 2
  • WPI: 12-ish
  • Weight: 3.4
This is just over half of my total stash of this fiber.


hey happy birthday!

Haha - I just got a Wii on Sunday, yay for Wiis! And happy birthday!

Love the wii, love yoga on the wii, but most of all I love your spinning. I'm a sucker for purple yarn and yours is just a yummy shade of purple!

Vraiment jolie cette laine !

Happy early birthday! I love my Wii...did you know when you hit Pro in bowling they give you a ball with stars? Love the spinning...such a wonderful colorway! )

Ha! You're cracking me up with the Wii! Yay for early b-day presents. :)

hah! what an awesome gift! and beautiful handspun! when is your bday?

We have WiiFit and I find it generally pretty hysterical and awesome and bound to put me in a good mood. Also great, Animal Crossing City Folk. So cute.

Oh how I covet that yarn - love, love, love the colors & it looks so soft! Ymum! Oddly enough, I have a Wii Fit but no Wii. My daughter has a Wii (well actually she bought it for her husband for his BD last June) & wanted a Wii Fit. They are being super cautious about spending money because they still haven't sold their house here. Target had them on sale so I thought I'd have one sent to her. Well, of course, by noon Sunday they were out of stock. I spent last Monday with my other daughter (federal holiday) we went yarn shopping & bead shopping (her drug of choice) & stopped at Target. Of course they had them in stock in the store. I bought one thinking she could take it to her sister next week when she goes to Ca (she has to go to SF for work & is spending a few days afterward in Palo Alto) or we could take it when we go in March. For some reason, SO decided that DD shouldn't have to wait until mid-March & had Amazon send one to her! Well - I've been wanting a Wii anyway - loved playing with it at their house. And have read great things about the Wii Fit. Now all I have to do is find a Wii!

Oh, we just got our Wii this week, too. Who would've ever thought we'd play sports in our living room? It's definitely the only way my kids (ok, let's face it - me) would be able to hula hoop indoors. Have fun! :-)

that is some lovely spinning! glad to hear you had a great bday surprise too!

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