I have been working on this project since June, so it's with more than a little excitement that I finally show you my newest pattern in Twist Collective, called Bijou.

1. Bijou - Red, 2. Bijou - Black, 3. Bijou - Red, 4. Bijou - Black
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Available in 12 sizes with two different sleeve options, this piece is knit in the round, from the bottom up, and is totally seamless.

The red version is shown knit in my size with no ease. The black version is knit a size larger and has about 3" of ease.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. I love to get feedback.


So you made the black one first? Wouldn't it have been nice to get those gorgeous, green, outdoor shots just yesterday? That is a beautiful top! Thanks for the blog!

Lovely lovely lovely!

This is AWESOME! OMG I want to make it right now. Surely I didn't miss this when the winter issue first came out? They should give you your own cover. ~_^

It's absolutely lovely, Marnie. You did a beautiful job.

beautiful! and congratulations :)

Marnie, that is GORGEOUS!
Another great design...well done you!

I don't think my skills are quite up to it yet; but it's landed a place high on my wish list.
Great incentive to become a better knitter quickly!

oh yeah, girl. i just found my inspired knit. it brings the same flavor as the sexy fish net, but much better because it ain't on my legs. i am on it! god, you are a great designer.

I just sketched something just like this. You beat me to the punch and did it WAY better than I envisioned it. It is so cute!

Oh...Wow! I just went to Twist Collective and checked out the pattern. Total brilliance!

Very it!

Oooh, I love it. Especially the red one.

Love it, Marnie! It's sassy. And I say that in the very hip, not at all grandmotherly way. Sassy!

Nicely done! That one's certainly going on my list.

This is beautiful, Marnie! I love the keyhole element. So pretty!

That is a fabulous pattern! Very stylish! You always pay attention to all the little details! :)

she's lovely! and i love the saucy red.

Holy cow! That is even more awesome than you made it sound. AMAZING.

It's stunning Marnie - congratulations!! I adore the attention to detail, it makes for such a polished (and so stylish) looking piece!

bijou is GORGEOUS! oo la la indeed!

oh Marnie! It's gorgeous! this is definitely going in my queue right. now.

It's so gorgeous (and PERFECT for the all-black outfit...look out, I think I am having teenage fishnet flashbacks... except really, really CLASSY, if that even makes sense)! Exquisite as ever.

i rarely use omg, but OMG!! that is gorgeous! you go girl!

That is incredibly gorgeous. Simple, elegant, sexy. Wow.

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