One Wild Scarf


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Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

It's always good to have one little mindless project on the needles that can go anywhere. I've been toting this little project around for a month now, and mostly working it on the train, when my more involved projects would be unmanageable.

The final piece is really dense, so very warm, long enough to wrap around the neck several times, and bright and cheery enough to counteract the winter gloom in Portland.


  • Pattern: my own
  • Fiber: Merino/Silk roving from Red Rock Fiber Works
  • Color: One Wild Night
  • Spun on: El Matchador (Schacht Matchless)
  • Plied: 3-ply using the chain plying method to produce self striping yarn
  • Weight: Approximately worsted
  • Needles: US#9/5.5mm
  • Finishing: Single crochet


Very cute- I love the bright, cheery colors! :)

Oh it turned out AWESOME!!!!! I love it! Thanks for linking to me Miss Marnie!

I love mindless knitting - I have been chugging out scarves while riding the bus to and from work. My fellow riders keep asking me what I'm making and I feel bad when each time it is always a scarf - I mean I DO make other things - just not on the bus. I can't count or move stitch markers or read a pattern very well while balancing my purse, tote, lunch bag. Sigh - so they think that all I can knit is scarves - oh well. :)

Ok I'm drooling all over my keyboard. It's beautiful.

What a cute scarf!!

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