It's a hard knock life, for us


Three sleepy girls


What a darling picture! I have a crochet ripple afghan in that exact pattern in those colors (although the yarn I used is variegated) that I made WAY BACK in high school in a creative arts class. Those colors were so popular in the 70s! Now I'm dating myself!!!

great family portrait :) how sweet!

Awww looks like a tough life to me for sure ;)

Looks so comfy and that blanket is awesome!!

Awwwww!! What a perfect way to spend the day (especially those chilly ones!)

That is the coziest picture I've ever seen!

Too darned cute! And hey! I have one of those afghans...

OMG! My mom and dad have that same afghan! Same colors and anything. Unlike Susan, I can't take credit for making it. I think my dad's grandmother did. Wow. What a trip.

Aw, you guys can haz warm snuggli feeling. ;)

I need that blankie. Now.

Awww, you guys are like cute dominos.

GAH! What an awesome pile of coziness!

HAHA, OK that's funny. I, too, have that EXACT same ripple crochet afghan, in those EXACT colors, that my Grandma made in like 1972.

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