Fit as a fiddle


We took Panda to the vet today, to get her abscessed tooth extracted.

Surgery Day

Thea came along to see Panda off, mostly because if you leave the house with Panda while Thea is home, she bangs on the door of her crate and screams like she's being tortured and it breaks my heart. I'm such a softie.

On the way home, Thea seemed really sad not to have her big sister there.

Surgery Day

I know the feeling

I spent the next 6 hours fearing that the doctor would call me and tell me something went horribly wrong and he was so sorry.

But my fears were unwarranted.

Surgery Day

Panda did great, her teeth look lovely, and she couldn't have been more happy to come home. She even seemed happy to see her bratty little sister.

Thanks for all the well wishes.


i'm so glad the surgery went well. she must feel so much better now!

Aw look how happy she looks!

Oh what a happy looking pup! Glad everything went well and you have the family all together for New Years...may yours be a happy one! :)

I love your dogs! I worry in this manner too. My Arrow, same colors as your dogs, is very close to me heart.

Yay for everything going smoothly, and a healthy girl! :D Hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

Yay for Panda! Stay healthy, gal!

Glad to hear all went well. I think it's just as hard on us people as on our pets!!

Glad to hear everything went well. Happy New Year!

So glad the extraction went well. She looks so much perkier! Hope that you Leo & the pups have a safe & happy new year!

Yay!!! Both doggers are home safely!!! I know how you felt leaving Panda. When we took our puppy to be spayed, I was so scared something would go wrong. The vet's assistants laughed at me when I told them I was worried, but I decided it was because we got her as a small puppy, and she's so much our 'baby'! For years we've had rescue dogs who were older, but this little fuzzy ball of love was so tiny and so dependent and so special, I was a wreck!!!! And we had to leave her overnight and that was awful. But she was fine and is fine and we 'mums' of dogs will go on worrying whenever something threatens them, right? :) Glad Panda is well and happy again. New Year pats for Thea and Panda from me!!!

Yay! I'm glad Panda's extraction went well. Happy New Year!!

So glad to know Miss Panda is well! And yes, I do know about glands - ick!

Glad that Panda is doing well, any time you have to leave them is stressful!
And I love that last picture, she's so happy!
Look at her ears - so cute!
Happy New Year to you all.

Hooray! Glad things went well- can't have Thea left to her own devices for too long.
Happy new year! x

Hooray! Glad things went well- can't have Thea left unsupervised by Panda for too long.
Happy new year! x

Good to see Panda feeling better - she has a beautiful smile!

panda looks so happy and lovely there - charming !

Oy, I'm so behind on my blog reading! Poor Miss Panda! I know how much she loves the vet. :p Speaking of, we also had a scare with the doogles just after Xmas, which also warranted a visit to the vet (always a joy)...long story short, it wasn't anything serious, just a nervous tummy. Poor, sensitive doggers. But yeah- never fun when the pups aren't feeling good. I'm so glad Panda is better!

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