A happy Halloween


Some years, we put a lot of thought into dressing up for Halloween and some years, we just wing it. This year was mostly the latter.

Leo went a little Clockwork Orange, thought without the fencing outfit.

halloween-1 halloween-2

I went standard issue goth.

It was a little deja vu, taking me back to my very late teens and early twenties, when I'd get all dressed for dancing at Man Ray in Boston.

For Leo, we did the eyelashes, around one eye.


Then I rimmed both eyes with lots of black eyeliner and shadow. By the end, he and Thea were looking pretty matchy matchy


The end result:

Yah, he's pretty darn cute.

From there, we had some wine and coffee at Gilt.

IMG_0094 IMG_0084

Then some dancing and general people watching at Embers.

IMG_0109 IMG_0105

We tried to check out a few other clubs but the lines were so long that we settled on filling our tummies with a few munchies at the Living Room Theater, instead.

IMG_0157 IMG_0161

A seriously fun night.

See all the pictures here.

Hope your Halloween was filled with lots of fun too.


hehe you guys are so cute :)

Love it- you guys looked great! We usually do it up every year, but this year one of us (me) was just not that into it. Party pooper, I know. Hopefully I'll have my Halloween mojo back next year!

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