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I have been busy, and maybe a bit distracted lately, so while I have been meaning to blog more, it hasn't been happening.

I want to start by thanking all of your for your well wishes and condolences. I know I've been remiss in replying to people, individually, but just know, it's nothing personal, I'm rude to all people equally.

So, in the spirit of being completely random and a wee bit scatterbrained, here's a collection of largely unrelated things I've been meaning to blog about, but haven't.


A swatch for a potential publication/self-publish/who knows project I've dreamed up. I can't decide if I love this stitch or if it looks like, um, a part of the female that is normally fully covered in mixed company. I am henceforth calling it the Freudian stitch. Please feel free to weight in.


Swatch of a publication piece for Spring. For the amount of ripping I've done on this piece, I could have knit 2 whole garments. I'm not frustrated, I'm just beating my head against the table for sport.

Leo and I carved pumpkins and I have determined that his is way more awesomer than mine. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.



Cute but derivative and pedestrian.

Leo's before carving



Leo's after carving

leopumpkinface.jpg LeoPumpkinFullFrontal.jpg

Fantastic, no?

Lastly, I leave you with some freshly flipped-off hummers. I've flipped-off three in the past week, though for one, I had no camera. I'm pretty sure the driver did, indeed, see me and my s*** eating grin, which is just as satisfying as sharing photos with you. I'm a class act. Oh and my friend Erica even helped me. Hooray for partners in crime crass.

lumo-flip-downtown.jpg hummerflip-at-lunch.jpg

Who on earth still thinks these things are status symbols?


So sorry about Leo's dad. It must be difficult to be so far away at a time like this. As for the pattern, I hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it...

Freudian, definitely Freudian. Didn't see it until you had pointed it out, now can't not see it. Thanks.

Am now going to ponder fingering weight.

Thanks a lot.


Nice vagiknit. Good thing you didn't have any fun fur yarn, now that would have been crude.

My husband was forced to drive Hum-Vs when he was serving in the first Iraq war. He hates the effing things. You couldn't pay him to get in another one outside of the military.

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Or the Fallopian stitch?

Humvees are an abomination.

Heh, maybe if it had a bobble at the bottom center it might look like an upside down vulva, but otherwise that long uninterrupted central line makes it look un-naughty to me. I suppose that could be a thong line though, if I really want to see some purple knit cooter in there. ;)

Funny, I can't not see it either now. It's good though!

As for the Hummers. It's funny. Being from San Diego, I HATED them. SO not necessary and yes, a major status symbol.

Then.... my first winter here in Denver. I had to buy a 4 wheel drive just to get up my long and snowy/icy driveway. Not to mention drive into the neighborhood. The houses much higher up have it worse off. I still see the Hummers and think, nah.... not necessary. But, now I understand why they have them here. Turns out that the only two in our neighborhood are driven by a Colorado Rockies player and his wife. Guess they feel extra safe.

I knit a beret in bavarian cables, and about halfway through I noticed that a portion of the cable had a distinctly, um, female anatomy shape. I'm hoping it's just in my head, though, since so far nobody else has complained. ;)

Okay, no pictures but recently I flipped off the Hummer that had the Handicapped tag in the windshield. There was just something so wrong about that combo.

It is good that you have a sense of humor, it keeps you going during a difficult time. I never understood why a bunch of suburban people bought into that Humvee nonsense. If you had a chance you could tell them how many people back you up on your blog regarding the so called status symbol. Nothing like getting behind one of those or another oversized, overpriced SUV in the middle of the winter...they are the SLOWEST drivers on the road..WTF?

Oh, my. You can make that a partner to your Assets of Evo pattern. ;) You can run through all body parts normally covered in mixed company. ;)

Also, the only people who still thinks those are status symbols are douchebags. What's really sad is that it's contagious and we're seeing more and more Hummers in the UK. It's a completely ridiculous idea in this country. Who wants to drive a car that's wider than the road!? Here, because the roads are narrow and cars are often parked on both sides, we have a hard enough time negotiationg residential and/or rural roads in normal European-sized cars. But when you come up against a fucker in a Hummer you're basically screwed because there's no way in hell that HE'S going to back up to let you by. They drive like douches too...the car goes to their heads and they start thinking they're above the law.

When Hummers first came out in the US I read an article in National Geographic about a woman somehwere on the East Coast who bought one for her business but who liked it so much she bought one for home too. Her take on it was something along the lines of "I love it because I know that whatever I hit I win" or something along those lines. Basically translating into "If I hit something or someone it won't be me that dies! YAY!"

Love the stitch. I've wondered that about hummers from the start - they were made for a purpose, why do people think they have any use on suburban streets?

I love the stitch and how the lace/cable and knit/purl combine. And if it does look a bit "freudian", well, so much the better, in my book!

But seriously, it is a gorgeous stitch!

those pumpkins are AWESOME! i think both are pretty freaking cool. also, you're funny with the hummers, haha. what a pointless vehicle!

That stitch caught my eye too-- Japanese Knitting Patterns Book 250, #177, no? I also swatched it and couldn't decide if I loved it or...not. But thank you SO much for pointing out the anatomical resemblance, which I hadn't noticed before. (I nominate the Birdcage Cable in Barbara Walker's 1st Treasury for the Resembles Female Anatomy award!)
Both pumpkins look great, by the way.

Just realized I failed to send condolences. *smacks head* So sorry for your loss Leo and Marnie.

I totally didn't see the lady's front bottom in the first stitch pattern. I do now, of course!
Don't tell Leo, but I kinda like your pumpkin best. I like the hat on Leo's but yours has a kind of smile to it.

I have a mini-van and haul around two to four children at any given time. I get that people sometimes need the room ...... but who in the f**king f**k f**k needs a vehicle as big as a Hummer? I'm going to attribute it to my favorite old stand-by: sexual inadequacy and small "organ" size. Clearly, the blood has been drained from both of the "brains" of these people. So kudos to your unique salute to these drivers.

ps. I love the pumpkins.

I think the stitch pattern is safe. Even if it DID resemble something "naughty", look at how many published designs feature even more blatant feminine themes. (As much as I love Norah Gaughan, I think she sometimes has naughty shapes on the fronts of her sweaters.)

And I think it's almost a shame that Leo carved that beautiful pumpkin. My fiance and I bought one pumpkin to carve, and it's blue! (Sort of an ash/slate blue.) I'll be a little sad to see it carved.

Everytime you flip off a hummer, an angel gets its wings. ;-)

The other day I saw a Hummer that had a bumper sticker that said, "Dig Deep, Dig Here, Keep it Cheap"!!!! I am a recovering Catholic so I did not flip them off - but now that I have read all of these posts I am feeling bold and hope I see it again!

How about having a Freudian pattern contests on the Vagina Monologues website?! Too funny!

Love the stitch and the name. Didn't take me long at all to identify what it looked like, but I'm not sure I would have have come up with that imagery without the name. :)
xox, J

Stupid Hummers. Now I just laugh at them when I see people driving them. :) The stitch is hilarious, BTW. And, as always, love your jack-o-lanterns!

That pattern (and the name) are hilarious. It's still a pretty pattern, though. I love your blog.


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