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Assets of Evo is up!

I'm playing around with a whole shareware sharewear (thanks colin, you know I love a good pun.) concept here. The pattern is free, either for download from my site or from Ravelry. So go get yourself a copy and knit away. If you happen to like the pattern and you can afford to do so, there's an option to make a donation towards the cost of the tech editing, supplies and labor that went into the pattern. Don't want to make a donation? Don't. It's all good.

As always, I try to provide error free patterns, but even with tech editing, errors can slip in, so please let me know if you find any problems with the pattern.

Now go get a copy and knit and be merry.


They are lovely, I can't wait to make them, you are so kind in sharing this and I will make a donation. Thank you so much

yay! gotta get to them while it's still warm out!

thanks for sharing the pattern, marnie!!

So cute. I will get you modeled shots as soon as I can. The days seem to blur together right now - my major goals each day usually include getting out once, showering, eating, doing dishes, and oh yeah - breastfeeding. All the freakin' time! :)

I think you should consider calling this "sharewear", Marnie.

I'd wager that these are 99.99% effective at preventing unwanted or inadvertent pregnancies from creationist-leaning fathers. Might actually be legitimate for marketing them as medical devices.

You're so kind!
We guinea pigs hope to earn some allowance through AdSense on our Blog. With extra pocket money, we can buy patterns for Mum!

I love this pattern! How do you make a donation? Where? I couldn't wait for this pattern; it's great!

finally! a pattern for which I can stash dive. I have loads of Fixation! Yeah!

Hey, this pattern is incredible! I'm almost ready to separate for the legs and I'm just so impressed with the design, it's really very brilliant and quite perfect. I clicked the "donation" link, but it wasn't totally obvious how to do it.I would be honored to help out with the costs, I just don't know how.

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