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I finished the Nehalem Bay shawl a couple days ago but it took me a little while to get it all blocked out and modeled. The lighting was pretty poor, so the shots aren't great, but you get the idea.

Nehalem Bay Shawl Mozaic

1. Nehalem Bay Shawl - Back (worn), 2. Nehalem Bay Shawl - As scarf, 3. Nehalem Bay Shawl - Back, 4. Nehalem Bay Shawl - Front (worn)

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Name: Nehalem Bay
Pattern: The first lace panel area is from Evelyn Clark's Knitting Lace Triangles the remainder is my own design based on a stitch I found in a Japanese stitch dictionary.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Gold Hill (Superwash Merino/Nylon)
Needles: US#4
Size: Approx 58" across and 26" deep, after blocking
Yardage: 96 grams/365 yards
General thoughts: This was a fun project, plain and simple. The yarn is absolutely delightful to work with and a perfect choice for lace because of it's harmonious shades and short color repeats. I just love that there's no noticeable flashing or pooling. The lace was interesting enough to keep me going on the long stretches yet simple enough that I could converse or watch a show without getting confused.

The size is also a good one for my intended use. I like the idea of a shawl, but I get a lot more mileage out of scarves and I expect to use this that way, a lot, this winter. The best part is that even when I get to my destination, the scarf converts back to its shawl role if it gets too chilly in the building. This makes it all the more appropriate to use a good sock yarn, since it's likely to get lots of real world wear and tear. I have to thank Julia for gifting me such fantastic yarn.

On a totally unrelated note, my dad's colleague is going to be traveling to Vancouver, BC with her SO. She'll have a lot of time to wander around the city while her guy is at a convention. Does anyone have any recommendations for her for things she might do while she's there? You can leave a comment or click that Contact button up in the navigation bar and let me know.


Lovely shawl. Truly beautiful.

As for Vancouver, I assume they will be downtown for the convention so it will be easy for her to go to Gastown for the steam clock and some great shops but to be careful as she goes down East Hastings (she should get some specifics at the info centre at the convention centre), Robson Street has really 'nice' shops but can be a bit touristy. The Convention Centre is right on the water so she can just wander along the sea wall (I think the distance around Stanley Park along the sea wall is about 10 km or so should she want a good walk). It is also really easy to catch a bus to Stanley Park for the Vancouver Aquarium or the totem poles or she could just take a trolley tour. Slightly away from the downtown core is Chinatown and the Sun Yat Sen Garden which I think is fabulous. If she wants to travel out of the downtown core (it doesn't take that long), there is even more to do. I personally love the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. You can open up drawers of artifacts from all over the world including spindles and knitting needles. Van Dusen Botanical Gardens is lovely any time of year and Granville Island is quite an interesting place with shops to please pretty much anyone. There is the Science Centre, and depending on the weather, there is certainly a lot more to do outside. If you or she want to email me should she have a particular interest, please feel free. She might want to go to a Beard Papa or to a kite store or something.

That looks just perfect, especially since it works so wonderfully as a scarf. There's nothing nicer than seeing a lovely design executed with the perfect fiber.

Those shoes look great, too!

marni, your shawl is gorgeous! i still can't believe you knit it so fast and that it took only 400 yards! amazing!

I second walking through Gastown. I was last up in the 90s for a tech convention and wished that I had more time for some sightseeing. has some really nice links for either walking tours or trolley/bus tours. Really has a lot to offer towards suggestions.

Oh my, Miss Marni. That shawl is beyond beautiful. Let us know when the pattern is available!

ooh, it looks beautiful! What gorgeous yarn, and what a fabulous shawl!

It turned out so beautifully - I'm guessing you'll get a lot of mileage out of it. Yay!

Absolutely beautiful! It looks fantastic!

You are my inspirations I'm from Poland and I love knitting too, I'm inviting

It's gorgeous, Marnie!

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