Good lighting and a flattering angle


The second and final version of Assets of Evo are done. The first were pretty good, but I knew there were some elements that could be better.

I love the wine and black color combo. The browns are gorgeous, but this is more my color.


I redid the duplicate stitch chart to better reflect the proportions of the artwork. The previous was a little short and stout.


The front meets the strict standards of our Quality Control department, which is always good.

AofE_front with panda.jpg

The new crotch gusset fits so much better than the original design.

AofE_crotch view.jpg

And if I stand in just the right position, wearing a cute pair of shoes, with flattering lighting and soft focus, it doesn't look too bad on me.

assets of evo 3_4 view.jpg

I am now finishing up the pattern and then I'll be looking for a tech editor.


Sexah! Looks great on ya :)

Love those shoes! Absolutely adorable pattern, Marnie.

Sexy sexy!! You did an awesome job on them and I love the Darwin Tree.

whoo! those are super cute.

I'll say it again...woo-hoo! Honestly, I never thought I would EVER want to knit a pair of shorts, but these I could make an exception for. I love 'em!

at the risk of sounding a little too, that's bangin' girl. you can do just about anything with knitting needles.

now, i wanna make me some knitted panties, no pics though.

These shorts look GREAT on you! I can't wait to make them! They are absolutely adorable!!!

Super cute! I love all the little design details :)

hehe, they are very cute! i'm afraid they wouldn't cover much of my assets either ;)

So cute! Will the pattern have a range of sizes?

look at that gusset; what a job! you are probably the best model (and talent) colin will ever find.

They turned out great!

I love how these turned out. I haven't had a chance to try on the prototype, but I'll let you know when I do!

xox, J

ANTM look out. I was completely unaware you had a fierce face. Honey, you brought it. All that and you knit too? Do Thea and Panda know how cool their mom is?

Side note: Am I the only one who snickered at the phrase "crotch gusset"?

Ooh la la! Those look great! I'm totally giving in and knitting a pair once you finish up the pattern!

Great pins! Oh, nice shorts, too! Will they come in giant-ass-size. Don't worry, I wouldn't wear them out of the house! :D

Gorgeous! And I love the shorts too!

I love that black trim.
Nice to see them on (and you look fabulous!)
to see that they're fitted enough to look
great and loose enough that they don't have that
"you'd better wear something underneath" look that so many hand-knit smalls have.
Way cute!

aii yaii yaii ! woman is gorgeous !
you never cease to amaze


I knew a guy named Evo in college. He'd enjoy said assets. Heh.

A link you might enjoy, one of the best creationist smack-downs that I've seen in a LONG time:

First time visiting your site - I like it a lot! And those little shorts are just darling.

Oooooh - cute & sexy - very 1940's Betty Grable pin up looking.

Must get that pattern as soon as it hits the street!

When the pattern comes out, I'm going to print out a few of these images and leave them at our local knitting store (Finely, a Knitting Store), where a group gathers every Friday to knit for social causes. Maybe they can be convinced to take this up, too, and distribute pairs to needy, science-lovin' babes in the community.

I turned down the offer of matching shorts for my new running shirt at Da Runnin' Store...

Pass me some of that flattering lighting.

Wow.. that's one serious looking hot pants!

The cutest pattern, ever! I can't wait for this one.

Congratulations on another terrific and unique pattern!

They look super cute on you!

Wow, I love the shorts and you look fabulous. Thanks for the detailed pictures on the gusset, looks perfect. And those shoes....

I NEED those. But, they probably won't look as good on me. I usually wear old men's plastic slippers, the ones you can buy at the local pharmacy.

girl, THIS pattern inspires me to lose weight more than anything else. can i be as bootylicious as you when i grow up?

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