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Do you notice a trend here?

IMG_0118.JPG IMG_0120.JPG





See tons more pictures from our day trip to Manzanita, OR, here.

Oh and if you've ever wondered what it's like to hang out with the pups at the beach, you can check out this short video.

And I realize I really should have faded the music after the closing credit. Sorry for how jarringly the music stops at the end.


I love the way Panda catches the squirrel and then Thea takes it away from her. :)

The song should be " Whatever Thea wants, Thea looks so cool and refreshing...we are suffering a heatwave. Sigh.
Love your girls !

Yes, very cute...but Thea's certainly a turkey ;)

That looks like a nice way to spend a weekend! The coast is so pretty :)

Yeah, doesn't Panda EVER get to keep the squirrel? (grin)

Chappy says he's so jealous.

Ack! Dying over the video!

Oh, I loved getting to see the girls in action! Seriously, DOES Panda ever get to keep the squirrel? ;-)

Those are some wet puppies! That's a neat song in the background...kinda...catchy. Oh no...songs in my head again! "Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets..."

Nice video! The pups are so photogenic & such great "natural" performers P-). The song is the perfect accompaniment to the action, too.

haha, thea always wins the squirrel at the end! great video.

Poor Panda. Never gets to keep the squirrel. That is such a great video. Missy wishes she was there with you guys. She would just galump around and then lay down in the water to watch the girls romp.

Thanks for sharing!

Those are great pictures. I especially love the top one and the 3rd one. Thea looks like a defiant little girl the way her tongue is stuck out in that top one, *so* cute. And I always adore Marnie's lopsided look, very cute, too. You have such beautiful girls!

How much fun is that! I wish I had a place like that to take my little Border Collie fish to chase his toys!

Aww, I love pictures of the girls at the beach. Such a fun day!

Its funny - with the subliminal message of the music's South American vibe and the dogs romping the water I just assumed it was a warm day. I was shocked to see Leo appear a few seconds into the video all dressed against the cool weather! 'Looks like it was fun!

What cute, goofy pups you have!

these two cuties of yours always put a smile on my face. thanks for sharing the video :-)

Love those Pups!!!!!!

Panda is amazing- she's always there. And Thea is just like every little sister...[speaking as an older sister ;) ]

Thanks for putting that up- fun to watch.

I certainly notice a trend! One always has perky straight up ears and the other has folded down ears. So cute!

Those bratty little sisters! They're all alike. Thea sure is lucky that Panda is so sweet. :) (Jack and Woody have a similar "arrangement".)

Okay, I just have to ask what's going on with Thea's tongue. Is she making a statement? If she is saying she is tired of having her picture taken just tell her that's too bad because we must have puppy pictures!

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