If a little is good a lot is better


After all your sweet encouragement and suggestions, I decided to order pretty much every photo you guys recommended to me.


And, actually, I also got this shot printed, but when I laid these out to take the shot, I was being so gentle handling the prints that I didn't notice it was sitting right behind one of the other shots.

So that's 18 pictures printed and I think I'll enter them all and just round the donation up to $20, since it all goes to support the Humane Society. Yay.

I'm definitely not expecting to win first prize, but I think I have a shot at one of the 2nd or 3rd prizes, which would be nice.

Meanwhile, we're having some seriously summery weather up here in Portland right now. Yesterday, I decided to play hooky from work (is it hooky if you ask your boss if you can take a vacation day, last minute?) and spend some time knitting and playing with the pups.

We went on over to Lost Park and played a little fetch in the sun.

IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0009.JPG
That's right girls, you run, run like the dickens.

Oh at first, Thea was all kinds of frisky, running around, playing keep away, and tug-o-war. But it wasn't long before the hot hot weather had her tuckered out.

Sooo tired, must put head on ground

They had themselves a nice long drink of water after that. Of course, as soon as I picked up the squirrel again, they were sure they wanted to run some more, but I thought it'd be good to give them a little rest.

On our way out of the park, we got a nice surprise. Leo had stopped by to give the girls a kiss. He was out to put some gas in Leela (the bike) and took a little detour to see us.


Sexy! A great way to end a nice run in the park.


What a georgous day in the park! I love the tuckered out pic of Thea! I wish you luck with your enteries...they all are so cute! It was sweet of Leo to stop by and see the girls. :)

What a great day! Great to see the pics, the pups and Leela!

Isn't this weather nuts? We supposed to hit 91 today, but it's already 88. Luckily it looks like it'll cool off again by Monday.

You can keep your hot weather. We're having the longest spring here in northeast Texas that I can remember in years. I am loving the 65-75 degree days!

I DO hope you win with your pictures!

Love the additional picture you submitted - in fact, it may be my favorite. All of the pictures are gorgeous - not a bad one among them! I read that the Pacific Northwest is having record warm weather. The forecast for next week for Seattle, however, is rain just about every day 8P Guess where I'll be next week? Yep, I am leaving on Amtrak tomorrow for Seattle. I'm taking water resistant clothing & will walk about anyway (at least while DD is at work).

Good luck! I LOVE the photo that was "hiding" when you took the shot of the other photos.

I'll bet you win something. :) Your dogs are beautiful and the scenery is beautiful and your photography is beautiful.


You named your bike Leela?! That is awesome! When you get on it do you yell 'HI-YA!'?
Great pics of the dogs. Panda always looks so happy; like she's ready to play!

Well those are all mighty fine photos- let us know what happens! And Leela - I like it!

i love the photos you selected. i definitely think you have a chance at winning a prize of some sort!

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