Fantastic Birthday Weekend


What a great weekend. It was really wonderful of the US government to make my birthday a national holiday, this year.

My birthday, itself, isn't much to talk about, unless you think it's fascinating that our washing machine is oozing some sort of oil and we went to Home Depot and bought a replacement. Also, there was some grocery shopping. But Friday and Saturday were many shades of good times.

It started with my dear friends throwing me a birthday party. There was homemade chili and guacamole....oooooh guacamole. I could write poetry about that treat, but it couldn't compare to the delight itself. Why more food isn't accompanied by guacamole, is beyond me.

What was I talking about?

Oh and there was a giant chocolate cake. Oh boy. Yah, it was a good party.

As the fete was coming to a close, my friends mentioned that they were going to the beach the next day and invited us to join.

After conferring with Panda, it was unanimous


We'd jump at the chance to go.

We arrived at the coast, a while before the rest of the crew, so we hiked and played a bit, in hopes the girls might be a bit more manageable, when the rest of the folks arrived.

IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0067.JPG
IMG_0088.JPG IMG_0087.JPG

Panda is a super star!


When our friends arrived, they were looking no worse for the wear, despite the fact that half of them were subjected to my amateur salsa lessons, the night before.


Thea greeted the group, as she does best, cooter displayed for all to see.


Larry and Thea had a little game of "catch me if you can."


And then it was back to the business of walking around the beach.


And walk we did. For hours, we explored tide pools and rocky outcropping, and, at one point, a local bakery.

We walked so much, we did this...


We wore out a herding dog. Someone please alert the media.

Those Canadians are good.


Also, apropos nothing, I decided to learn how to tat


It was a little tough for me to get the technique to start, but now I'm finding it really enjoyable, and delightfully portable.

Anyway, see all the pictures of the beach trip here.


Happy birthday!!

And, as always, your beach pictures bring both Chappy and I to a state of jealous awe . . . but we're glad you all had such a good time anyway (grin).

Happy birthday!! Looks like a fun weekend.

Tatting! I hadn't thought about tatting since I was....yeah. Awhile :) It looks nice!

Does Thea ever catch the squirrel?

Happy birthday! It looks like you had a lovely day celebrating.

Happy birthday, Marnie! It sounds like a fabulous day. And those Panda pics are amazing - she is totally a bad ass.

Great aerial dog shots!

Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about guacamole. Super dogs and beach photos.

happy birthday! Glad you had a good one with yummy food. Felix's birthday is on Friday and I've been giving myself pep talks about making some cupcakes. It's time for me to cook like a mom. :)

Happy Birthday from all of us at home! Wish we could go play with the girls at the beach!

Sorry about the oozing washing machine, but it looks like the beach day more than made up for it!

Happy Birthday! Looks like everyone had a jumping good time!

Happy Birthday! Birthday weekends are the way to go!!!!

And welcome to the dark side - tatting can be addictive! It's extremely portable (pocket meet shuttle and ball; shuttle, ball, this is pocket) and something about those tiny knots lining up just so is very meditative. Enjoy!

Belly rubs for the girls, and a shout-out to Leo.

Happy Birthday! We learned to tat (on a needle, not with a shuttle) at TNNA and I could definitely see it's charms. It made me want to experiment with large scale tatting. Like worsted weight yarn tatting.

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a fantastic weekend! [and its my personal opinion that I can put guacamole on any food!]

I take it back - I want to tat! The weekend looks great, but so do all of your weekends!

Yay, happy birthday! Sounds like you had a terrific celebration!

Happy Birthday! Looks like everyone had a great time :-)

Happy Birthday, M! Nice of the gov't to do *something* good! ;) xo-S.

Happy Birthday, Marnie! My birthday was on Sunday - wasn't it such a treat to have great weather on your birthday?!!!

Happy Birthday!

I am googling tatting right now. I have always thought it was so pretty. Your delicate flowers would make such a pretty embellishment.

happy birthday!

I love all of your beach pictures. It makes me think I should go visit the beach more often!

Nice tatting too!

A belated Happy Birthday, Marnie! Great dog shots, too. Your beach photos really perked me up

Happy Belated Birthday!

Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend.

Belated Happy Birthday... glad you had a great weekend!

Happy birthday.

And your right...more food should be accompanied by guac.

Tatting's fun, but I need to finish more of my projects. All my shuttles seem to have UFOs on them.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yelling, there). The girls seem to have had as much fun as you! Love the pics. Tatting? I think my mom wants to try that, but I can't help her at all. I bought her a book, and some little bitty yarn. We shall see....

Wow, I hope I get guac for my birthday dinner - it should definitely be included in more meals. Please tell us more about tatting. I've always wanted to learn, partially so I could make lace like my Swiss Great-Grandfather!

Happy Birthday, Marnie - looks like you had the most wonderful time! The dog pictures are fabulous...

happy birthday! i always enjoy your beach pictures with the pups! :)

Happy birthday, dear Marnie! Loved your beach pictures, love the dogs!

Yesterday I was looking for tatting patterns and "how to tat"...very strange coincidence. My grandmother gave me her mother's tatting shuttle (goodness knows how old it is) and I want to make my grandmother something. Any recommendations for beginning patterns?

Happy Belated Birthday! And I agree with you, there should always be more guacamole - better yet - just guac!

Happy Birthday!
those mid-air photos are amazing!
I tried to learn to tat but I've forgotten since I haven't kept up with it- great job on yours.

A very belated happy birthday wish to you! And congrats on wearing out a herding dog. That doesn't happen often.

a very very belated happy birthday. i'm only now catching up on blog reading.

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