New Year's Eve Road Trip - Part 3


Ahh, San Francisco. If we could pick any city in the US, in which to live, it'd probably be here. This is not to say that we don't love Portland, because we do, but there is just something about San Francisco.

We arrose relatively early on Sunday morning and decided to reward our good little girls with a walk in the park.

IMG_0045.JPG IMG_0013.JPG
IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0051.JPG

We spent a couple hours frolicing in the park and the girls had a fantastic time. Even Panda let loose a little in her own reserved way. The folks in the park were just delightful too.

Once we'd exhausted the girls throuroughly, we dropped them off at the hotel, and went out for lunch. Guess what Leo wanted.


There's only so much butter and garlic soaked, and fried food I can handle, so I opted for a salad instead.



Oh, and look who joined us for lunch


It's good ol' COF. San Francisco is a great place for knitwear.

Being Sunday, we didn't have grand expectations for nightlife options, but it turned out that riiight down the street from where we were staying was a cute little bar called the Voodoo Lounge. We ordered a couple filthy martinis, and, to Leo's delight, we got to play some poker.

IMG_0012.JPG IMG_0014.JPG
IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0044.JPG

We both lost. The big winner was the bartender.

After losing we headed back to the hotel, all of 100 feet away, and tucked into bed. The girls seemed glad to see us.

The next day, New Year's Eve, we decided to devote solely to relaxation and spending time with the pups.

It looked a lot like this, plus some walks and a quick breakfast at a neighboring cafe. There might also have been some knitting. More on that in a future post.

IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0001.JPG

When evening rolled around, we showered and got purdy. There was a moment of panic when I realized the shoes I brought to go with my dress were busted, and that we forgot to pack my wrap, and the nylons I had gotten came with a hole. Oy! Luckily, I'd brought a more casual, but still appropriate alternative outfit. Rolling with the punches, baby.

We made a reservation at a restaurant we had passed a bazillion times but never entered, called Bobo's. Turns out it's owned by the same folks who make his favorite crab AND they specialize in Leo's other favorite food, steak. I appologize to all my vegitarian friends out there, this may make you queezy, but for us, this meal was extrodinary.


We started with iron skillet roasted muscles and some lobster soup, and followed it with a petite filet for me and a bone in filet for Leo and a crab. Great googily moogily, so good and so much food. We finished the meal with a cup of espresso and then popped back over to the hotel room to brush our teeth and give the girls a little taste.


Happy New Year to THEM.

For the celebration, we headed over to Leo's favorite Cigar Bar for some live music, mojitos and, of course, a cigar. When midnight rolled in, we had a big smooch and a glass of bubbly. Perfect.



But the night wasn't over. We made a quick walk to the waterfront to catch a few fireworks, caught a cable car, and then walked back to the hotel.


And the walk back? Only the better part of about 4 heels.

Picture 1.png

We were good, and kept the alcohol consumption minimal and ended the evening relatively early, so we could check out and start our drive back home the next morning. We took the 101, up to wine country, crossed over through Napa Valley to catch the 5 in Scramento, and made it home in 12 short (ha!) hours. I think we were all glad to be back home, even if we were pining for more crab.




I can't wait to do it again.


Hi there! I have been enjoying reading about your trip and always love to see photos of the girls. You too, but the girls are so wonderful! I am wondering if the red harnesses they sometimes wear in pictures are part of a seatbelting system? I'd love to be able to buckle in my little guy and be off. samm

Sounds like a whole heapin' load of fun to me!

And you got some kick-ass pictures of lenticular clouds over Mt. Shasta! w00t!

My gosh - the fun never ends.

Planning on getting to San Fran this month...haven't been in years...your photos make me look forward to it even more....and your adventures are inspiring!
PS Lace chart-excel-pdf issues are finally coming together...thanks for all you help!

Amazing photos! What a wonderful trip!

The scenery pictures are breathtaking, though of course the 'girls' pics are always my favorite.

I love that you let your dogs pile up in your bed. Most people we know think we're freakazoids for such behavior, but then, they don't think of dogs as kids the way we do. ;-)

I am literally drooling for crab now. Having never lived near an ocean and barely even visited one, fresh crab isn't a delight I've even experienced. If ever we make it to SF, I'll know where to go for some good crab, though.

It looks like the four of you had an awesome trip! :-)

What fun! Not sure who's having more fun - the two-legged ones or the four-legged ones?

Happy New Year Marnie! Your trip is making me green with envy. How big are those crabs? They look otherworldly!

Hi Marnie, I feel like I've been on the trip with you! I love your dogs, a friend of mine has a Border Collie x Australian Cattle dog with the sweetest face, she is the greatest dog and a pleasure to have around, your girls always remind me of her.

Happy New Year !


It sounds like you JUST missed the drama on the 5. I was following the same route Thursday and they closed it on me. I had to spend the night in Redding and then make a race between storms the next day.

And Leo is so excited about the crab. All that time spent at the Oregon Coast, he knows he can get it here too? Bell Buoy in Seaside has it fresh fresh fresh. Although, it is Dungeness Crab that we have here, is it a different crab in SF?

Your roadtrip looks like it was fun. The girls are so good about the hotel room. My Sapphire does this pathetic howl when I leave her so I'm stuck in a hotel room with her when we travel.

Hey Marnie:

I used to live in SF, I now live in San Jose. Your pictures of SF were great and the food you were eating, well, I know it all to well. I used to work at The Dead Fish, that is one of the several resturants owned by the same people that own Bobo's. And the crab, each of the resturants have the same style crab served. Anyway, my mom still lives in SF and I was just there this weekend for the day. I love to visit the city as much as I can, especially with friends. Your next trip, you have to go to Cha Cha Cha, its a resturant in the Haight. They have the best sangria, ask me how I know that!

Sounds and looks lovely. Second question: Where the heck do you find a hotel that will let you take your dogs along!?

Okay, just catching up on the whole trip here...OMG! What a superbly fun time! And, Leo is my kind of guy- there is never enough butter, garlic and crab for me!

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