Beautiful Christmas Day


Christmas day, we slept in late, then donned our winter wear for another trip to Mt Hood National Forest.


Thea spent the whole ride there, looking out the back window. Whenever we'd stop, both girls would cry with excitement, hoping we'd be getting out and into the snow.

But our first stop wasn't for hiking, it was to put chains on the tires.


Leo insisted he needed no help, so we stayed snuggly warm in the car while he worked his butt off.

We found a trail we hadn't been to before and began our hike. Leo and the girls went bounding off the trail for a little run and all found themselves hip deep in snow.


Panda didn't seem to mind.

But Thea and Leo had a bit more struggle with it.


Nope, he's not kneeling, he's nearly standing upright.

I don't think these other pictures need captions, except to say we had a most wonderful time.






See lots more pictures here. Hope your Christmas was just as lovely.


what a wonderful way to spend the holiday. looks like the girls really enjoyed themselves. and i'd forgotten all about snow chains! i've been on the east coast for too long now, i guess.

so great. we had fun, too. A little hike (no snow) and lots of homemade food.

All that SNOW. Chappy says to tell Panda and Thea that he is so, so jealous....

Aww--looks like you had a great time! The pictures of you and Leo together are super cute. Happy holidays to both of you and the girls!

In my pregnancy coma I haven't been here for a bit...I loooove the new layout!

And those pictures are hilarious! My dog won't even poop in the snow.

What a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas!

A wonderful winter wonderland!

Looks like you had a great time - I love the picture of Panda with a big smile on her face (at least it looks like that to me).

Just awesome...I'm putting that on my wishlist for next Christmas. Such happy, happy dogs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ahead. The pictures are wonderful ... you all look so happy!!!! :) :) :) :)

It looks like the whole family had a great Christmas. I'm sure it's just what the girls wanted!

What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure that Onyx would love the snow, but I like it better in some one else's pictures....

Wow! That is some snow. Glad you had a good christmas day!

Okay, that looks like way too much fun! I'm glad you all had such a great day!

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