Going boldly where many spinners have gone before


For the most part, when I spin, I grab my fiber, pick a whorl and go for it. I think this has worked out for me, largely because I tend to spin small quantities (generally around 2-4 ounces) and I have a pretty limited skill set and comfort zone with spinning. Even my last batch of fiber, which was closer to 7 ounces, came out pretty consistent despite my making little effort to check consistency along the way.

But, like the person who has reasonable success knitting patterns without making a gauge swatch, past successes do not mean future success. I've been holding onto a pound of fiber my parents got me, for over a year, awaiting a time when I felt I had the skill and patience to spin up the whole lot into enough yarn to make something substantial. I'm not sure that I've actually met either of those qualification but dammit, the fiber is gorgeous and I want to spin it.

Spurred on by Amy's great article in Knitty, I decided to try to approach this project with a semblance of a plan and, perhaps, some organization.

A while back, I ordered these Spinning Project Cards (I refuse to spell the last word with a "k" unless someone can give me a good reason for it being spelled that way) by mistake, thinking they were something else.


They are basically index cards with preprinted areas for information you might wish to include about your yarn. I don't think I'll be ordering them again. For the same price, one could buy a pack of 100 index cards and only include the info relevant for the project. I am not saying these are poorly designed. If you like the look of clean, unlined cards, and spin enough that you don't want to have to write out all the labels, this might be totally worth it for you, just not for me.

Even so, I had no normal index cards lying around and no need to waste these. Surprisingly, despite the myriad of fields preprinted, there didn't seem to be a spot to indicate the whorl used so I just slapped that info in wherever.

new project yarn.jpg

If all goes according to plan, I should be producing a 3ply yarn (off of three bobbins, not Navajo plying) that works up to, oh, 14-15 WPI. The fiber is corriedale in a beautiful deep olive shade.

So far, it's spinning up quite nicely. The fiber is well prepared and needs only minimal predrafting. We'll see how long I can spin a plain green fiber before I get bored. Luckily, I always have my spindles.

In doggy news, Thea seems to be healing up well enough. She's still a bundle of energy and I think I'll be as excited to be able to let her play as she will.

Our vet is quite awesome. Check out what we got in the mail yesterday:

award for getting broken.jpg

They took a picture of the little girl, before her surgery and printed out this lovely award. If you click the image, you can go to flickr and find a higher resolution version. Check out the text below the Vet's signature.

We pulled the crate out of the bedroom for use when the two of us have to leave the girls unattended. Theoretically, the crate should be for Thea, when she needs some quiet time.

panda loves her crate.jpg

Panda, however, seems to think it's all hers. Could you say no to that face?

As for the Photoshop tutorial, it sounds like there's enough interest that it's definitely worth my doing it. Getting stuff together, I'm thinking I may have to break it out into a couple smaller, more digestible pieces. Hopefully, the first tutorial will be posted by the end of the week.


Well, Thea was a mighty brave soul, and was even awarded for it. I love that! Panda's proud of her, too. I can tell. ;)

That green is just beautiful. I've been reading for awhile but don't recall, what type of wheel do you have? I'm shopping now and love to hear what people like.

That green is just beautiful. I've been reading for awhile but don't recall, what type of wheel do you have? I'm shopping now and love to hear what people like.

Oh I love that green. Of course I pretty much love any green. My engagement ring is an emerald. On a lighter note, I thought of this for poor little Thea, then realized that Thea is a girl, but I assumed you already "broke" Panda...anyway, if you ever feel the urge, go to www.neuticles.com. You won't believe it. I don't know what the average age of your readers is, but feel free to edit this if you feel it's at all inappropriate.

You're really killing me here with the spinning. I think I know what I want for Christmas! And is that an un-chewed rawhide stick I see next to Panda? My dogs inhale those so fast, they disappear before I can blink.

Ha! Your vet seems really cool! I hope Thea is recovering well.

Your spinning is beautiful! I have vowed not to take it up since I have barely enough time to knit as it is, but your pictures are inspiring. I'm quite tempted to get a spindle and give it a whirl!

It's a Spinning Project Kard because it's made by Nancy's Knit Knacks. They like Ks.

I have them too, and have only used them once so far, but I like them, and plan to keep on using them after the current project is done.

Mostly I just needed something to help me keep track of the details for the finished product because I don't always write it all down.

What a nice certificate for brave Thea! And yes, well, that IS an awfully cute face . . .

Love that certificate (spaying/neutering is one of those per issues I feel strongly about - keeping all cats as indoor pets is the other) & love the pictures of the 2 cuties.

Definitely, the girls are champions!
If they let guinea pigs board the plane along with humans, we sure hope to visit the girls and have a little play!

Your spinning is looking gorgeous!

And Panda is so adorable. :)

Your spinning is looking gorgeous!

And Panda is so adorable. :)

Hi Marnie

The editor in me sees a typo in your title......I feel like a heel for pointing it out! Hey..can anyone recommend a good source for large dog coat patterns?

Tanks a rot!


Therese, thank you for that catch. Am fixing right now.

What a creative vet you have! Our little Leyna (Min Pin) recently underwent the same surgery, but we didn't get a fancy schmancy frameable certificate. ;-)

What a cute certificate! You must have a great vet! The look on Panda's face is just precious. And...love that green! :)

Your spinning looks fantastic.

And the doggy, Way Too Cute!


What a great way to organize your spinning info - although you're right, a 3x5 card would be just as good.

I love that green and hooray for big project spinning :)

Thea and Panda can come take over our house anytime.

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