For the love of Flickr


I just have to share this most excellent gift I received.

Thank you SO much CraftyKags

My friend, CraftyKags made this gorgeous scrapbook for me.

A page from the scrapbook I A page from the scrapbook II A page from the scrapbook III

Not counting the cover, there are 46 (!) pages of pictures of my sweet girls. What an amazing gift. I'm speechless. Even if we dismiss all the gorgeous paper, stickers, grommets, ribbons, high quality printouts and other accouterments, one can't dismiss the time and love that went into this book. It's a really special gift.

And that's not all my Flickr photos have been doing. I got myself a batch of mini calling cards from MOO.

They come packaged in a cute little recyclable plastic box.

littlebox.jpg opening box.jpg

And inside are 100 little mini-cards with photos on the front and my contact info on the back.

cards_fanned.jpg examples of cards.jpg

I plan to use these as business cards. About 2/3rds have some sort of fiber theme to them, while the other 1/3rd have doggies (oh yes, there is overlap). Depending on the situation, I can pick out a card that is just right for the recipient. Since they are about half the size of normal business cards, they are more environmentally friendly and MOO is committed using sustainable and green manufacturing processes. Yay!


That scrapbook is so adorable. what a thoughtful and beautiful gift!

and I love your MOO cards! I want to make some, but I can't find the right pictures. You're inspiring me to try again...

that is a NICE gift!

That scrapbook is priceless! And the MOO cards! I want some!

What a thoughtful present. I too love all the things one can do with flickr pictures!

do you realize, i was all the way to entering credit card info when i stopped with the moo cards? i'm broke right now, no fair!

Aww, that's really cute! I love the box for the business cards

what a lovely gift. and i'm obsessed with those moo cards. one day i will get a set.

Aren't the Moo cards great!! I am almost out of my first 100 - I need to order more!

What a great gift! And such a neat idea...I'm off to order. :)

I love Moo cards, am using them as business cards too !!

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