Feelin' the love


Do you love mutts?

If so, LuvMutt is having a little contest for the best summer mutt pic. Both Panda and Thea are represented, but honestly, you should vote for whomever you like best of the bunch.

IMG_0073.JPG 0198hug.jpg

Head on over to vote now.

And if that isn't love enough, check out Goofy Dogs, a new site devoted to great pictures of dogs. Do you have a dog? Is your dog goofy? Send your pictures in and feel the love. Panda and Thea are there too!


You know I'm a happy doggy mum.


Cute pictures!
I love how dogs like to hang their head over the end of the sofa! Mine do that all the time!

ohmygoodness~too cute. I can't believe this either: This is the first pic I've seen of Thea's tail and it is exactly the same as Penny's! The large black band with the white below. We always say that she dipped it in two cans of paint!

I was going to vote for either Panda or Thea (decisions, decisions!) at the Luv Mutt site, but wasn't quite sure how to cast a vote. Do you merely leave a comment, and that counts as a vote? :-o

Hi--love your blog; you are such a knitting goddess (i'm barely past knit and purl, but I love it). And I LOVE your dogs! they are too much cuteness singularly, but together, oh my! I have a mutt named Tallulah Mae (check her out on my blog) who I love dearly. Mutts (and goofy dogs) rule!

Well, Chappy isn't eligible for the LuvMutt contest, but he certainly has been known to be goofy!

Beautiful pictures of very happy dogs!

"Do you love mutts?" - this is a trick question, right?

Thanks for the info! I recently got some pieces from someone’s ‘trash’. I can now begin refinishing them!

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