The piece I never posted about


You'll probably all think I'm weird, but there was a piece I knit in December of 2005, that I never posted about.

I guess that while I was happy with the concept, and reasonably pleased with the end result, I wasn't 100% content with the final product. On some level, I really wanted to reknit it and get it right, but it's hard to find the time to redo a piece when I have a backlog of new ideas in my head.

Anyway, I present to you, Juliette.


Pattern: My own
Yarn: Cascade 220 in a pretty heathered green color


The piece, like Deciduous, has no body shaping, it all happens by way of ribbing. The sleeves, however, do have shaping. Instead of doing the shaping at the seam, like most sleeves, the shaping is done in the center textured panel. I used kfb or knit and purl in the same stitch, in a manner that would maintain the k/p pattern.

Juliette_side.jpg juliette_sleeve.jpg

The neckline was just finished with a little bit of single crochet. The cables are from one of the Barbara Walker books


I think, conceptually, it's successful, but I find Cascade 220, just a touch too prickly to wear against the skin. I also wish I hadn't made it with so much ease. It's looser than I normally like.

As a first aran-like design, I don't think it's too bad, but I'm a bit tepid about it overall.

So why the heck am I posting it now? I guess with Ravelry and the Create Along, I'm doing a lot of exploring of the work I've done over the past couple of years. When I saw this in my catalog of photographs, it just seemed right to post about it.


Maybe I'm alone here, but I think the sweater is absolutely beautiful (like everything you knit). If, by some freak chance you find that it needs a new home, I promise to love it forever!! What is the stitch pattern for the center panel?

Maybe I'm alone here, but I think the sweater is absolutely beautiful (like everything you knit). If, by some freak chance you find that it needs a new home, I promise to love it forever!! What is the stitch pattern for the center panel?

Very clever sleeve detail - I love the idea, and the execution is terrific. I agree about Cascade being a little too wooly for next-to-skin wear.

That sleeve detail is really fantastic. I think it's definitely worth revisiting if you're willing.

I think it's lovely. The sleeve shaping is wonderful.

I agree with everyone else that this is a gorgeous piece of knitwear design. I haven't seen sleeve shaping like that before (there's always something new to discover in the knitting world) but I like the effect.

You're far from alone in finding that sweater stunning. I'd make it if I were younger and shapelier.

I think it's gorgeous. Not tepid at all.

Wow. I have to say, I think it's simply beautiful. So glad that you decided to share it!

So pretty! It might not be like your other designs, but it's a very shapely, feminine aran sweater--and those are hard to come by. I love the sleeve detail, simple shaping, and neckline. And I would knit it in a heartbeat, and pay for the pattern to boot. I'm just saying : )

Aw, Marnie, maybe it's not right for your style (though I wonder if you might enjoy it more now in PDX on a cool drizzly wintry day?), but I think it's gorgeous, and WAY more shapely than most of the aran-styled sweaters out there. :)

And I too love the sleeve detail!

I love the sweater! The sleeve shaping is really innovative, and I love the combo of cables and ribbing. I have that same color of Cascade I'm using for the Treeline Cardigan, but it's paired with Kidsilk Haze so it takes away the itchiness.

I think you did a lovely job and the finished product is stunning. I can see what you mean about the fit - maybe an inch or so off the circumference and it would be perfect. Could you take it in at the side seams?

I think it's quite pretty, actually. I think the idea of the sleeve shaping is very clever.

I think it's a beauty but I can imagine wanting it to be softer since you're wearing it without anything underneathe. In some ways the sweater you made recently (with the raw silk yarn) reminds me of this one possibly because of the stitch work on the sleeves.

Pattern. I beg of you. And if you've only got it in your one size, and you're a small, well, so am I.

I'm serious...that sweater's freaking gorgeous. And I'd knit it in something softer than Cascade, but still...WOW.

You're full of surprises, you are :-)

AMAZING! If you make that pattern available - I'll buy it in a heart beat. You're too hard on yourself.

honey, that's GORGEOUS! you publish that, and i'll flock to buy it! i can understand not being happy with the yarn choice, but heck, you can substitute!

What a beautiful piece. The shaping is all so clever and the overall feel so Marnie/feminine. I would love to own a sweater like this. Maybe someday you'll revisit the idea, tweak it the way you like it best, and offer the pattern to the rest of us to try. I'd buy it!

Damn your perfectionism keeping the pretties away from your adoring fans ;-D

i would *so* make this and wear it! i'd also love the pattern. i love the 3/4 sleeves, and sleeve detail.

Gorgeous ! I reckon Interweave or Vogue Knits should publish this one... Mum loves it too !

Well, from the pictures it looks just beautiful! And I think it's totally worth revisiting if you ever get the urge. (But I do admit that when I looked at it I thought I would knit it with less ease and out of something softer. :)

Um...I agree with everyone else, this sweater is really beautiful. All the little details really make it unique. I absolutely adore what you did with the sleeve shaping and how the ribbing makes the fit! :)

Me too-I AGREE with everyone on this--IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!! You are a Designer EXTORTIONER--The complicated stitch work in this is mind boggling to me---you rock big time.

I really like that. Cascade 220 might be a little much to wear on the skin, but maybe you can alter the design for a different yarn? The sweater and the design is beautiful and I hope you revisit this particular design if the inspiration strikes. I hope the inspiration strikes :)

really lovely piece, marnie. i am glad you shared. i think the sleeve design is innovative and the name romantic. but how did you stand modeling it in the portland heat? or are the photos '05 too?

I still love this piece. I think that if you did it in Calmer and made it a smidge tinier (the size looks fine to me - but you know what works for you) you'd absolutely love it. It just takes a lot of work to go back to something once you've moved on.

Beautiful!! Amazingly beautiful! Any chance you'll write up the pattern?

It's lovely! Definitely worth persevering with!

Do you happen to remember what book that cable pattern was from? It's so neat!

Do you happen to remember which book the cable pattern was in? It's really neat!

Do you remember which book the cable comes from? It's really neat!

It's gorgeous and I would like to knit it RIGHT NOW.

I'm in love with the sleeves. I agree about Cascade 220 though, it's not great next to the skin.

I think that if you ever made this pattern available to the world that I would snap it up...

Just saying. :)

I adore it. Lovely shaping, lovely patterns, lovely colour. I'd love to see the pattern for sure. I think it might be totally my style, and I would probably also like to explore less wooly alternatives. Concerning the ease, it seems totally OK on you.

Um, I love this! The details are so pretty, and I love the texture throughout. I can see where you might be happier with it if it were in a different yarn, but still- I think it's lovely!

Wow! I love the way you've incorporated so many different stitch patterns, and made them work well together.

Am really glad you did post about Juliette!

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