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Sure, my dogs live a good life. We don't bat an eyelash at driving and hour and a half to spend the day at the beach, just for them. And sure, we buy them high quality food and shower them with love and live with ungodly amounts of hair so that they might join us on the couch and bed, at their whim. Yes, it seems like the world is their oyster, but don't be fooled, these are some hard working girls.

Both Thea and Panda, showed their style, grace and excellent sit stays, in today's photoshoot.

theawithskein4.jpg theawithskein2.jpg

That, my friends, is the unbelievably soft baby camel down of whacking fame.

pandawithskein3.jpg pandawithskein1.jpg

Final Product
Content: Baby Camel Down
Color: Natural
From: Chameleon Colorworks
Quantity: 2 ounces/167 Yards
Singles: Spun using a long draw method, after gently fluffing the fibers.
Plies: 3-ply using the Navajo plying method.
WPI: Oh, 12-14. This is some lofty fiber, indeed. Fresh off the bobbins, the plied yarn was closer to 18 WPI, but everything just bloomed after the beating.
Results: I can't get over how soft this yarn is. Every time I touch it, iI want to drop everything and make something of it. The navajo plying didn't really go as well as I hoped. I don't think I put quite enough twist in the singles to carry it off successfully and I'm darn horrible at reattaching fiber when I've broken it. Something about controlling the loop, aligning the fibers and not losing all the twist in the singles, just eludes me. Does anyone have any handy dandy tips?

I don't think the yarn's a loss though. There are lots of good solid area and the little bits of ugly will be well concealed once knit up. I love this yarn.

If you aren't burned out on black and white doggies, you can see the pictures from our weekend adventures, over here.
Stewie (the car) is till out of commission, but we'd never let a little thing like that get in our way.

IMG_0130.JPG IMG_0309.JPG

Today, I handed off the first draft of my super secret Stitch Diva project, which is a huge relief. Two projects down, 3 to go.


Your dogs are just too darn cute. I've been reading your blog, well, since the very beginning of my knitting blog reading days and just thought I'd stop and tell you something you already know about your gals. =)

Hi Marnie

I always love to check in and see how your great dogs are. I love how Panda has got the 'harder' task of yarn on the head - being the experienced yarn model and all!

I trust both Panda and Thea have joined the supermodels' union. Models are so often overworked and forced to attend nightclubs and premieres against their will. The union is working to improve conditions for all models. I'm happy you're showing compassion by only forcing the girls to model ultraluxury fibers like that gorgeous baby camel down.

Oh my gosh, so cute. I love it when you share pictures of your dogs ... and wool! ;D

Now I feel guilty for not taking my dogs to the beach! We've been meaning to, but worry about our 6 mo. puppy running off and away. She's never been off-leash in public and tends to follow her nose (even though she's a Sheltie, she's got a sniffer like a hound dog)... how did you start working on that with Thea?

Wow--Thea is such a good girl! I love seeing how she's growing up. And, of course, I love Panda, too. Panda + yarn = happiness!

*sigh* I have dog envy. I love my darlings but they just don't pose well with yarn.

Such good doggies and beautiful yarn.

Congrats on finishing your project. The girls are so cute...the yarn pictures are precious! :)

Panda is such a cutie! love that camel hair she is sporting.

Great slide show! I noticed Leo is wearing cords and a fleece vest - looks like cool summer and gorgeous coastline out in Oregon. I'm so jealous - the sun is baking NYC pedestrians today.

It's really too bad there isn't touch-o-vision. I'd love to pet that yarn...and the pups, of course. That part goes without saying. Yay for you and project #1. :)

I love love seeing pictures of your happy beautiful loving girldoggies.

I love love seeing pictures of your happy beautiful loving girldoggies.


your doggies are so sweet and well-behaved. it makes me smile every time you show photos of them frolicking or modeling yarn. of course, this receives mixed reviews as i immediately demand that my boyfriend look at the puppies, and then mope about how i want a puppy too, and my puppy will be well-behaved and model yarn and knitwear at every opportunity. so precious!

Great photos ! Looks like the girls had fun ! Bath time after beach session I reckon ! We never been to the beach, perhaps I can convince Mum to take us there one day ...

I'm very impressed with your girls! The camel yarn makes quite a nice wig on Panda...

I just came across your blog. The Bella sweater top is divine! I've bookmarked it because while I just stocked up my stash - I'm thinking it might make it into my Winter knitting pile!

Hard Workng is right...3 more to go?
They aren't the only hard working girls in the house...

Pretty girls!
I'm tagging you do these tag things? Sorry. List 8 random facts/habits then tag 8 people.

They are both too cute! I never tire of doggie tales! Your yarn is lovely, I am not a good source for spinning/plying tips so sorry :( I just admire from afar. Excellent Excel tutorials btw!

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