Craft and Whacking Baby Camels


So a friend of mine from many moons ago (hi Doug!), comment the other day that I should go look at the upcoming cover for Craft magazine, as I'd find something rather familiar there.


So wow, yah, it looks a lot like my Crime of Fashion scarf. Similar, but definitely different (the font, for sure, is different and the finishing as well.) I scratched my head a bit and went to their site, but couldn't determine if the pattern was inspired by mine or not and whether I should say something. Of course, only one thing to do, bug my friend Julia and ask her what she thinks, since Julia is always my sounding board, especially for all things knitterly. At the time, she found that there was already a link to MagKnits on their about page for the scarf, which suggested that they had seen my version, but no link to me. It's another week before the magazine is released so I wrote them.

Turns out that right before publication, they did, indeed, find my version and that I get a little shout out in the end AND, as you may now have noticed, they've added a link to me on that same about page.


I'm sorta kinda in Craft!

I've also been spinning some more, while I work on my deadline projects. Remember that rather pathetic attempt at spinning Yak fiber? It was so soft and oh-so-ugly. While I was glad I was actually able to spin the fiber at all, I was hesitant to spin up any more of my Luxury Fiber of the Month goodies, for fear I'd just end up with 6 skeins of nearly useless novelty yarn. Well, I broke down and had my hand at baby camel down.

I spun 167 yards of of 3 ply, from the 2 ounces I have and am much happier with the results. I did slightly under spin it, so the yarn broke a lot as I was working the navajo ply. Pretty crazy, since I was using the super high speed whorl on El Matchador, but I guess those short, downy fibers, need a LOT of twist.

Even so, I'm happy and the camel down got itself a rinse and a royal whacking.

camelwhack2.jpg camelwhack1.jpg

Final yarn pictures to come.

That's all for now, check out some pics of Thea's second agility class, here.

Thea sends a puppy kiss (or at least a cold nose in your ear) to each of you, Panda first.



Those "thwacking" photos are absolutely fantastic... An really, how very cool that Craft magazine thing is! So glad you got credit.

I was so intrigued by the title of your post...glad to see it's baby camel fiber you're whacking!


i just may have to go check it out!

Awesome action shots!

And very cool about sort of being in Craft. And, well, I think it goes without saying that yours looks better.

Mmm...thanks for the cold nose ear-kiss. I love those.

Aw... got the cold nose ear-kiss *blush*.

Awesome pictures - showing the "water in action" !

Aw... got the cold nose ear-kiss *blush*.

Awesome pictures - showing the "water in action" !

So it pays to occasionally go "Erm ... excuse me?"! Congratulations on sort-of being in Craft.

OMG- stop it with the cold nose in ear kiss! So cute! thanks for the bonus agility class pics- I was wondering how she did this week. And very cool about Craft- I'm glad they stepped up and gave you the props you deserve!

Awwww, puppy kisses! Congratulations on your celebrity!

Whew! I'm glad they linked to you. I was afraid to see where that story was going!

Where do you take Thea for agility? I've been wanting to get Thisby into it for ages, but I don't know if she's too submissive for it.

Your doggies are so cute. I love how they have the same eye covered with a black spot.

congrats, marnie! that's really wonderful. how flattering (and deserved!) :)

I'm glad they gave you credit. And thank Thea for the cold nose; there's just something sweet about a touch of cold wet nose first thing in the morning!

That is way cool!! And the puppy kiss made me go "Awwww!"

I'll give you credit!

Hey, I've got bacon in that mag...

I am traveling to Mongolia next year where I will be in search of the perfect yak fiber. I am definitely intrigued with what you're spinning.

I thought that scarf looked familiar, but couldn't remember where I had seen it. Glad it worked out.

Now that I've had time to read the whole article, as opposed to just skimming through the mag, I see on page 110:

+ For other variations on
knitted police tape, check
out Crime of Fashion by
Marnie MacLean on

So, not a direct link, but you're easy enough to find. Magknits is how I first ended up here.

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