A lovable pain in the neck


Thea had her first puppy agility class on Wednesday night. She is, at once, a keen learner and an unbridled maniac. The first class moved pretty slowly, with all the obedience refreshing and intro, but we did get to try the tunnel and the ladder on the floor.

I ask Thea to practice her beg up. She's getting better and better.

Thea did great, but wrangling her into submission between exercises has left me with quite the sore neck and shoulders. It's funny, because she's never such a bundle of excitement at home, but get her into a small space with lots of dogs and no chance to play and at nearly her adult size, she's a handful. I'm feeling it today.

Both of us listen intently to our instructor.

Our homework is to teach our pups to hit a target. This is in preparation for the obstacles like the teeter totter and a-frame, which require the dog to get at least one paw on a painted portion of the equipment. This ensures the dog doesn't leap off of the equipment from a dangerous height.

Queuing up for tunnel. I spent much of my time trying to contain her while we waited our turn.

I started training Thea, for about 10 minutes yesterday, followed up with training both girls today and they have it down, beautifully. I can throw the makeshift target on the floor, ask one of them to "mark" and that girl will touch the target with her paw. I love my smarty girls.

through the tube.jpg
Thea had no trouble and gets a big cookie and lots of praise.

I'll be honing that new skill with them until Wednesday, when Thea will have to try to remember it in class. She hasn't had trouble generalizing training, yet. If I work something at home, she appears to understand that it applies everywhere, but we'll see. Sometimes the smartest dogs are the ones that throw the biggest surprises your way.


Sounds like you both did a great job.

A smart dog. It's like a mixed blessing some days, isn't it? ;^)

Can I borrow Thea and Panda for a little while so they can model for their smarts for Bella and Chili? Ilovelovelove my girls,but they are always misbehaving...

I can't wait for Thea to be an agility superstar.

Hearing about Thea and Panda always makes me smile. :)

Ya know, I just can't get enough of your girls. Had to mosey on over to
your Flickr account to get my fill
of black and white cuteness.
Well there goes my afternoon knitting time.
Vicarious living at it's best.

Awww, she looks so.. attentive!

So cute! I love the pic of the two of you "listening!" :)

Maybe a field trip to PetSmart would be a good way to test the homework. Get her to try it while you two are there.

Thea is as smart as she is beautiful. You are a lucky mom. :)

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