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Leo told me today about this cute program called Comic Life. It has all the templates, colors and fonts needed to make your own fun little comics.

After taking a particularly silly picture of Miss Thea-Purl, I decided it was perfect for the cover of an imaginary comic book about twisted puppies and their evil thoughts.


Alas, creativity escapes me, and the inner machinations of her mischievous mind have not been revealed to me. Any thoughts?


"hmmm, that new spindle looks t a s t y !"

After destroying Marnie's stash, these toys just aren't fun anymore.

K2 tog, yo, K2 tog, yo.... Damn, now she's got ME hooked!


I heard something about "kitchener". Does that mean dinner is soon?

...I wonder if her legs are made of bacon...

I'll never grow into these legs you don't put that yarn down and feed me...

"Hmm...Maybe if I just lay here real still like and act like these other toys, Panda will come over and play with me..."

She think's I'm sleeping... ha ha ha! Wait till she turns her back - that yarn is MINE!!

OK... So, I'll get up, run to the kitchen where I'll lose my traction and slam into a cupboard. From there, I'll knock over the water dish and track the water across something valuable. Then, I'll run through the yarn dangling between the WIP and the ball; not around... must go through... At that point, I'll work on getting Panda riled up, probably biting or grunting will do the trick.

OK. On the count of three...

I can't beleive that Marnie spent so much time making me into a comic character! Doesn't she have a job?

Mwahahahahah!! She'll never withstand my mighty Powers of Cuteness!

Mmm...I wonder if it's possible to digest brass...

I wonder how long it will take her to figure out I secretly rip out her knitting while she sleeps????

Everything is following my plan . . . today doggie toys, tomorrow the world!

Yumm, that Schacht sure was Matchless!

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