Another year in review


Today, my humble blog turns three years old. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be a part of this knitting community. I love that I can bounce ideas off of people, stay in touch with family, and, of course, post copious pictures of my cute doggies. Every year, I seem to make more friends and learn more. And if it weren't for this here blog, I don't think I'd have have learned to spin.


What have I done this past year? Oh so very much. I couldn't possibly name everything, but a few memorable moments include...

There was so much more that happened, it was hard to narrow it down.
Here's to another great year ahead, and hopefully many more.


What a great way to round up the year! And Happy Anniversary to you and your blog!

Congratulations Marnie, I've been reading your blog regularily for almost three years and I'm always eager to see what's happening at Marnie's Place. The knitting and your patterns... inspiring, the photography... amazing, the stories either informative or amusing or both and last but not least the pups (the cutest ever ) are the icing on the cake. A photo of the girls always puts a smile on my face.

Happy Blogistartdaysanniverserary!!!!

I love reading your blog, but I haven't been here very long! It's a cool recap on your life.
I LOVE your tattoo.
Love it love love it love it.

Happy Blogiversary to you! And many more. :-)

Happy Blogiversary! I love reading your blog and looking at Panda (and now Thea) pictures. Many happy returns!

Happy blogiversary! Here's to more good stuff in the coming year, and lots of success and happiness!

/raises glass for toast, drinks/

Happy Bloggiversary! Overhere in the Netherlands, I read your blog frequent and I like your designs!

All in all, a good year! Here's to many more....

Happy Bloggiversary! Overhere in the Netherlands, I read your blog frequent and I like your designs!

Happy Bloggiversary! May there be many many more!

(PS) And I always love your puppy pictures!

Yay, Happy Blogiversary! I'm most pleased that I was able to see you as much I did over the past year, especially considering your move. PS: Don't forget- your recent triumph over evil! ;)

Congrats! We're the lucky ones...your blog is informative and fun! Obviously, I'm more of a lurker than a commenter, but I never miss an entry.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy b-day dear blog! You had quite a busy busy year!

happy blogiversary! knit one for me!

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for keeping us all entertained and informed. I hope the next year is just as fun but less stressful!

Happy bloggiversary! I'm so glad to have been involved in so many of these good bloggy years with you.

Love, J

YAY! Happy blogiversary!

You know I've been obsessively DVRing every single episode of Knitty Gritty waiting to see yours!! So far, no luck.

I should just look on the site and see what's airing when, but that would spoil the surprise.

Congrats and well done!

Congratulations! It's always fun to come by here and I look forward to the year ahead.

congratulations on your blogiversary!
looking forward to many more

Well-CONGRALUATIONS to your blog. You sure got a lot done in a year, but the best part for me is the puppy although the sweater just for you is a knock out...

Happy third blogday! Or something.

Happy blogiversary! I see a Thea butt in the Panda picture. Was she being shy;)

happy anniversary! i'm so glad to have you in the neighborhood :)

Happy anniversay! And thanks for all you share here. A lot of my knitting firsts came from reading your blog and the wonderful patterns you share. The first time I knit from a chart (Frog Pond hat), my first colorwork (Crime of Fashion, specifically requested by my Geek Boy who wears it everyday through the winter), my favorite hats (His Hat and Lake Park). And even though I haven't actually knit them yet, Wyvern got me interested in trying to knit socks...and I will finally make myself a pair this summer. I also got interested in spinning because of your stories (although I'm still working on mastering this particular skill). Lots of belly rubs to Panda and Thea for the occassion.

Happy blogiversary! I always enjoy your blog so much -- glad you're out there knitting, spinning, playing with dogs, and telling us all about it!

Happy Blogiversary! Wow, you sure did a lot in that last year... Knitting, puppies and humour - a winning blend. :)

Happy anniversary! And what an eventful year!

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you fell into the spinning trap...I mean...experienced the joys of owning a wheel. :-)

Congrats on another amazing year! You've inspired me in so many ways. Watching you design that Silky Wool masterpiece made me want to embark on a design of my own...which led me to the Createalong. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and talent with us. :)

Congrats on another year! I look forward to reading about your next adventures!

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