There's just been something missing


Since we brought a certain little beast into the home, El Matchador has had to go into hiding. The girls accidentally knocked her over and the injury that could have come to any of the three of them, was simply not worth the risk.

Recently, a friend posted a bowl of deliciousness, and it had my heart aching to do more spinning.

I'm working on a few unbloggable projects now so this is a perfect diversion that doesn't make me feel like I'm ignoring my other responsibilities.

A teeny tiny skein of merino silk worked up on my Spindolyn.


There are only about 18 yards of yarn here, but it's my best little skeinlette off the Spindolyn, yet. I'm still having some trouble getting a good cop on it. When I start to build up too much, it either doesn't hold its shape and goes all wonky, or the yarn starts tucking in under the cop making it impossible to wind it off later. I think I'll get better with practice.

Up next, some "Fudge Brownie" from Nistock Farms. I was never able to get this stuff to spin well on a drop spindle, but on the Spindolyn, it works up beautifully. This gives me hope that I'll also do better with the luxury fibers I have.


And finally, some silk/merino blend that I've had forever. I believe it's Ashland Bay. I'm spinning on my 0.6 ounce Golding.


I haven't been able to use my 0.9 ounce, which was formerly my workhorse, because the hook got a little bent while traveling to and from India, but I'm told I'll be able to get her sorted out at the Fiber Frolic in Maine. It's amazing how much an unbalancedness hook can throw you off. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up enough information from the fine folks at Golding, to fix it myself in the future.

And now for some proof that I shouldn't be allowed to have dogs, after the jump






Panda wants to know why the silly skeinlette keeps getting in the way of her pictures! :)

Wow- I've never seen anything like a Spindolyn before- I'm totally intrigued! Possibly just a tad more than Panda. ;)


Beautiful yarn -- and awesome dog pictures! So cute!

It's nice to be able to use a spindle when the wheel can't come out to play. I'm living in a very small apartment right now, and the wheel hasn't been able to come out of its box at all. But I have rediscovered drop spindles, and have plenty of room for the tiny cascade spindle I've been using!

Have you seen

Works well for me. I picked up the pliers at Michaels or some place like that.

I just saw that spindolyn last week and was planning to get one instead of a drop spindle, since I'm totally a beginner and the video makes it look so simple! Is it possible to ply on it or do you need a regular drop spindle to do that?

Tee hee. Is some of that spindolyn spinning mine?

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