Puppy Preschool


Yesterday was Thea's first day at Puppy Preschool and we had so much fun. While I feel confident that, in time, we'd be able to teach Thea everything we'd want her to know, she definitely needs a lot of work in social settings. She's nothing like Panda, she loves everyone and everything and is happy to play all the time, but she has absolutely no focus and can't calm down enough to enjoy the experience. This class seems like just what she needs and it will teach me a lot about training.

When Thea saw this mastiff (who, by the way, is only about a month and a half older than Thea) she didn't know what to do with herself. She first gave a submissive pee and then spent the rest of the hour trying to play with him. I think she has a little crush. Both of us ended up with a lot of slobber on us, but no worse for the wear.

If you really love watching puppies at play or puppies in class, and you have QuickTime, I've loaded a couple of clips from class. There is nothing super incredible about them but they sure do make me smile.
Puppy Free Play 1MB
Practicing Sit HUGE! 47MB


cute video!

Puppy classes are all about socialization with other people and other dogs and learning how to learn. They are A Very Good Thing! And Thea is just adorable in those clips. :)

Awww, puppy pictures!! So, so cute.

i saw Puppy preschool, and all i could hear was "beauty school drop out" from grease, lol. i think i need to go to bed, lol

Well isn't she just the life of the party. Doggie pre-school-that is really funny.

Thea's gotten so big! She's perfect.I hope both you and Thea are getting lots of cookies for your good behavior. You're model students.

oh thea, she is going to be such a good girl. we read cesar milan's book when we got meesh and it is a really great book, his story is as interesting as his advice. just thought you might want to look into it as an addition to the classes.

Killing me, KILLING ME with how dang cute they are wrestling like that. Missy says HI! (me too)

OMG, stop it with the puppy cuteness! Those videos are great!

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