More shameless doggy photos


What can I say? I love my girls. I haven't really been knitting much because of all the puppy distraction so, my distraction is your distraction.

The girls during training time:

Sit. Stay. Good!

Ms. Thea making faces at the camera.

Could those ears be any bigger?

Thea's favorite spot while I'm working.

What could possible go wrong?


irresistible! i don't think i'd get any knitting done either.

as for the chair pic -- they all do it! my isabella wraps herself around around my chair all the time. it's a miracle that she still has all her limbs (and tail!)

She is really growing. Are they best buds, yet?

Too cute. I love how dogs (and cats, too) park them selves somewhere, and then act oblivious when you chastise them for their choice of seating.

"What do you mean this isn't a safe place to rest? But I MUST be near you!"

Aw, witness the absolute trust that mommy will never ever hurt you.

I love those big ol' ears.

I can't take it any more--They are so cute and the ears with the Polka Dots-It's just not fair to all of the other dogs to be this cute....

Su casa es mi casa ( i wish ).
You've had great knitting content lately must not neglect the girls.
Those first 2 pics....I'm coming to Portland to offer free doggie walking/sitting services while you work !!!!

Oh my gosh, congratulations Marnie!!!! I'm so happy for you and for the dogs too. Panda must be very happy to have a puppy pal now. :D They both look so happy in the pictures. :)

Oh my gosh, congratulations Marnie!!!! I'm so happy for you and for the dogs too. Panda must be very happy to have a puppy pal now. :D They both look so happy in the pictures. :)

Super-adorable! Bouncer likes to lie under the desk when I'm on the computer, and sometimes Jasper will do it too. Though not at the same time as Bouncer. :)

If the word cute wouldn't excist, we would invent it for your girls! ;o)

Adorable pooches! So much personality expressed in just a glance at the camera.

FYI, I'm de-lurking also to mention that I recently revived my own long-languishing knitblog,, and I've added your link to my sidebar's blogroll. Hope you don't mind!

My dogs always rest right under my office chair too while I'm working. So I feel bad when I have to move them and I don't move very often.

I never tire of the doggy photos,are you kidding me? Distract us all you want! Pups with pointy doesn't get much cuter! ;)

Aawwww a new baby in the family! Yea for you! Congratulations!

Ahh, that's the best, when doggies lay at your feet while working....


I would give anything to be able to get a dog, but I currently work full time as a fencing coach, am trying to get through my dissertation as quickly as possible, and am a nationally-competitive athlete, so it's not exactly practical. I started reading your blog because I was enchanted by your patterns, (which I still love, but they're not exactly practical either right now) but find myself returning more and more often these days to check up on your girls and have a micro-mini doggie vacation in the middle of my piles of work. Thank you for sharing both your knitting and your sweet girls.

I lurv the doggy photos - keep 'em coming!

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