It took just over a week


I've been bracing myself for a month or two of unrest in the home. It's been manageable, with Thea being more than happy to persist at harassing her sister and Panda being even more than happy to tell her to shove it where the sun don't shine. Panda has occasionally agreed to allow the little one to sit near her and has moments where she forgets herself and plays with Thea for a few minutes, but for the most part, it's been mostly the cold shoulder.

Then I went out of town for a couple days, for some personal business. I came home, and something clicked, suddenly, the girls were playing...together...with each other even. I don't know if it was the excitement of having me come home or if about a week was all they needed. Either way, it's a beautiful thing to see them happy together.

To celebrate, we took the little fur balls to Frog Lake up in the Mt Hood region.

Border Collies + Snow = Good old fashion fun

See all the pictures of the trip to the lake here and see all the pictures of Panda and Thea playing, by clicking here.


I am so glad they are playing, Marnie! The pictures are freakin' adorable. And they look like sisters with their similar coloring.

Just like human siblings! When mom isn't around they bond together!! They are adorable!

That's so great! I'm glad the girls are so happy together and their trip to Mt. Hood looks like great fun! (Should I pack my snow boots?)

Aw, cutie pooties! They are totally like human sibs. Thea has cute little pinchable paws.

Oh yay! Doggie harmony! Glad you were able to return home to such a happy household after your stressful week. PS: Although I was sad I couldn't show you Josephine in person, I will be posting pics soon. :)

Awww, I'm glad they came to an agreement. They are so sweet together. I love Thea's little rump coloring. Will her ears stay so straight and perky, or will they get kind of bendy like Panada's?

I'm glad to hear they're playing together - my parents' dogs took a few weeks to get used to eachother. They look so cute together :)

Aw, it's good to see the sisters hanging out together!

Yay! I was afraid, when I saw the title, that it went the other way.

So yay! Color me envious!

That is so cute!!

maybe with you gone for awhile panda didn't feel as if your love for her was threatened.

they're so cute together.

maybe with you gone for awhile panda didn't feel as if your love for her was threatened.

they're so cute together.

yay! I'm glad the girls are getting along. They are an adorable pair.

Yay for dogs playing together!

Do watch out for a little jockeying for status as Thea goes through her "teen-age" period. That's the only time we had problems with Jasper and Bouncer.

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