Break out the cigars!


Congratulations, you are all new aunts or uncles, as the case may be. We just adopted a new pup. Her name, from the foster home is, Pearl. Miss Julia wisely pointed out that this was merely a misspelling of "Purl." She'll technically be Leo's little girl, since Panda is mine, so he will ultimately choose the name, but until he picks one, she is Purl to me.

Purl is a 16 week old Border Collie and Cattle Dog mix (same mix as Panda!) but she's been very well socialized and absolutely loves everyone and everything in this fine world. Panda is a little overwhelmed by puppy's verve and there will probably be some scuffles as they find their place together, but overall, Purl seems sweet and lovely.

I just got Purl her first collar so that's been a bit traumatic for her. We'll also be crate training her which will be new, but shouldn't pose any big problems for the bright little girl.

Having a puppy is going to be a lot of work, but who can complain with a face like this?

Panda is probably not speaking to me right now, but I think in time they will be inseparable.

So hopefully, there aren't too many of you out there who mind doggy pictures, because I now have twice the cuteness in one small house.


I love her! She's a perfect little Purl. I hope Leo likes the name.

She's gorgeous! I hope she stays Purl!

Little Purl of the Orient! So, so cute.

She's beautiful, and looks just like a Purl! Two dogs are such fun - enjoy!

Squeeeeeeee. She's SO adorable!

I agree with Lauren - Squeee!!

She's darling - look at that happy face! Congratulations!! (And good luck!) That is the cutest thing I have seen all week.

Assure Panda she will always be #1 to THIS Auntie.

Awwwww! I want a dog so badly but I have to wait. Purl is such a cutie pie! Panda too of course!

She's an adorable addition to your family. Congratulations!

She's beautiful!! Congrats! Now you have two beautiful pups!

For the past several years I've been a Doberman person, but ever since I've started reading your blog, I have pictured us adopting a doggie just like Panda one day! Little Purl has added to that vision :)

What wonderful news!! Congrats to all of you! She will be so much fun. I can't wait for more pictures.

I have a sheltie and got a golden puppy 2 years ago. I was very nervouse but with puppies its hard to go wrong!

Toby has once bitten willow on the ear and she bled a tiny bit. I didn't interfer except say No right after he did it and I could tlel on his face he knew he had done bed and he sniffed where he bit her so he knew he drew blood. Never once has blood been drawn on either side. They fight like mad things all the time but it's all "Doggy Play" which used to scare me and now I'm pretty easy going about it. They have their own way. Now they will sleep back to back or butt to butt so I know they are happy with each other. Every now and then I can tell toby has had enough because willow is so much bigger, but over all I can tell he likes her being around!

It's so cute how they match :)

So, I'm not a dog person, but that puppy is just plain adorable! Congratulations on your new family member. =)

man, i want a puppy.

I swear I saw her smile into the camera! So adorable! And how come you can find another dog which looks like Panda's little sister ... same black and white face? LOL!

STOP IT!! That is just too much cuteness for me to take in one sitting. AWWWW. Congratulations.

Lucky lucky lucky! I want a dog so much but we can't have one here and I've been told we're not moving until after I finish school.

Gasp! Look at that little girl! Congrats, congrats!

Two females in one house will mean some jockeying for the dominant position but they will work it out. And you always know you can fall back on Panda's and Purl's aunts and uncles when needed!

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous puppy! I'm sure Panda and Purl will be the best of mates before too long.

Oh. My. God. She is so precious, I want to gobble her up! Now I definitely need to come visit. You have a new baby and all . . .

Panda's saying, "OMG, like, mini me!"

Congrats! :D Enjoy!

Congratulations! She's adorable!! :)

Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE! (And yes, I'm shouting, because if that isn't something to shout about, I don't know what is.) Welcome, welcome little Purl!

SO. Completely. Gorgeous!! Puppies are such hard work, but she's adorable!

Welcome home, Pearl! She is so, so adorable. I know that she and Panda are going to be best friends!

Aaaaawwwww! What a cute pupster! And what a face, I'm in love!

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! The cuteness! :)

I love puppy & dog pics, bring 'em on!

(& congratulations)

Purl is too cute. Give her some love, and Panda twice as much, just to assure her that she is indeed loved.

wook at da eety beety puppy. i'm gon eat dat lil girl up! yes I am!

Delurking because I can't resist. ?maybe?Purl is just too cute. I love that her big eye patch is on the opposite side of Panda's eyepatch. They are like Yin and Yang.

congratulations! what a cutie. they'll be best friends in no time.

OMG, how fabulous!!!!! And you're right, a pup will help liven up your "older" dog. :) They might have some dominance stress as Pearl gets older, but they should get over it. (Bouncer and Jasper did.)

Give her The Great Big Kiss Right Between The Eyes from her auntie Janice. Congratulations!!!

oh that is one of the sweetest pups I've ever seen! enjoy!

You've got a ton of comments already, so you MUST know that that is one ball of doggie cuteness! How special to have two adorable dogs. Must post more pictures. There needs to be more spontaneous joy spread around. Have fun with the puppy training. Panda will be a big help in that department. Trust me. . . I have three and the two younger ones learned from the best; the top dog, Timber.

She is fabulous. I want to squeeze her (gently, and with great respect).

Whatever her name winds up being, she is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on the new addition. (And Panda, if you're reading this, you're still top blog dog in my book, you gorgeous girl!)

I'm positively googly with awwwws inside!

Yea! Congrats Leo and Marnie! Murray and Lola Chihuahua said to tell Panda hello...and welcome to Pearl!

Awwww...what a face! She's adorable! Can't wait to see pics of Panda and Purl (hope you keep the name!) playing on the beach together!

Too cute for words!

We recently added a new puppy to our household. My older dog was NOT happy at first - but now they are friends.
At first the puppy was into everything - chewing shoes, and yarn (gasp!) but he would just look at me with this cute face and i just couldn't stay mad at him.

Have fun with your new pal!

They're both beautiful, and I'm sure that in no time, they will get along well. Congratulations!

Purl is gorgeous! I love her face.

Darn, I can't believe that I missed this post yesterday! well, belated congrats on the new addition to the household. Give them both a big old hug for me.

Your two dogs are the cutest ever. Congratulations!


Congratulations! She is beautiful. Now, you almost have a matched set...
I just got a new puppy too, she will be called Robin.

Aw! So so cute. Congrats on the new addition

Congrats on the new puppy. I got my first dog 8 weeks ago & he has practically taken over my knitting blog! Everytime I go a few days with out a new Sheltie pic I get comments asking for more. Oddly enough he's also named Robin (refering to the comment before me)

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