A little slice of heaven


When I worked on site, at my job, I was often pretty far away from windows throughout the day. What little of the day I saw, was usually while I bustled between meetings.

Now that I work from home, I sit right next to a window, and I have Panda by my side. It's all I could ever have hoped. I love it.

There is one downside, though, when the days are absolutely beautiful, I feel like I'm in 3rd grade waiting for the school bell to sound and mark the end of the day.

Yesterday, was one such day. The sun is absolutely beaming, everything is verdant, and it was a mere hours before my weekend was scheduled to start. I could barely contain myself.

When my shift was up and I'd finally completed all those little things that seem to come up just when I think I'm done for the day, I decided that Panda and I needed a relaxing afternoon in the backyard.

We don't have any proper lawn furniture, but we do have some portable camping chairs. Ours happens to have a perfectly sized drink holding divot and yarn holster.

For a drink, I had myself a beer, though, to be honest, I was more like 25% of a beer, because I am a cheep date and it started to make me sleepy. For knitting, I had my super secret Stitchy McYarnpants project, so all you get to see is the gorgeous plum color and a big heap of knitted fabric, stitch holders and needles.

For entertainment, A Game of Thrones on my iPod. I'm such an audio book junkie. I'm so enamored of them, I exercise to them instead of music.

Panda made good use of the backyard as well.

Then she finally settled into a nice shady spot to watch me knit.

In the evening, I spun some of the Pearl colored Optim I got from Janel, last year.

This is my first time spinning Optim and it is unbelievably smooth and soft. Her colorway is beautifully subtle, which I love. This will be a colorway I can work into a very wearable item. I've started the second bobbin and will ply the two before moving onto my new Luxury Fiber of the Month; Baby Camel! I'm sure I'll absolutely bastardize the camel like I did the yak, but who cares, it's too soft to let languish.


Mmm...I have just a smidge of baby camel down in my fiber stash, but I haven't touched it yet 'cause I'm sure I'll ruin it. :-)

My fiance has been searching high and low for that exact chair, but has been trouble finding the right one because he insists that it MUST HAVE the little footrest thingie - where did you get yours?

I LOVE the Song of Ice and Fire series. You are going to be hooked! It is fantastic. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. I haven't figured out how to get audiobooks on my iPod yet...

What a nice set up you've created. Have a great weekend...

Looks like the perfect way to spend some time, and thank you for the book title - I am also an audiobook lover, and this looks like a great story!

With a set up like that who cares about lawn furniture. I'm coming to your house, you ahve green grass not snow!

You are so right about that little slice of heaven! Enjoy.

I'm reading (in book form) A Feast for Crows! I love G.R.R. Martin! In fact, I'm gonna go prop myself up, read and knit right now!!

Panda has a cool lounge pillow !


Song of Ice and Fire! I've read that series several times through and like it quite a lot. Will you let us know what you think of it?

I think iPods and audiobooks make the perfect knitting bag accessory. It enables knitting and reading to happen simultaneously and that's just glorious. Beautiful color yarn and cute dog.

That Plum really is pretty. Can't wait to get it in my hot little hands. :)

I love those chairs, we have a two-seater like that. I can't believe you found one with a yarn holder. So cool!

Panda mid-romp? Be still my heart.

That Plum really is pretty. Can't wait to get it in my hot little hands. :)

I love those chairs, we have a two-seater like that. I can't believe you found one with a yarn holder. So cool!

Panda mid-romp? Be still my heart.

Sounds like you are quite happy in Portland! Some of my (Aussie) friends really like it there.

mmmmmmmm, t he optim looks fabulous. i have a hard time spinning dark monotones, but love doing lights. that is splendid.

asfor the beer, i don't even do the stuff. if hubbie has a specialty beer, i might taste (my ex-hubbie was big on trying new beers, so i used to get all kinds of tastes then, this hubbie prefers miller high life, lol), but that's it. i prefer mixed drinks and wine.

I'm with the others that love the Song of Ice and Fire series. I read them, but I've heard that the audio is good.
Word to the wise: take your time! It takes Martin a good chunk of time to finish one of these suckers- you'll be chomping at the bit for more long before another book comes out. Good news is that HBO bought rights to develop the books as a seires.

Oh, that looks like bliss!

Love that series also! I've gotten quite a few people hooked on Martin and I'm happy to see more people are discovering him.

What a fabulous afternoon! Sounds heavenly!

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