My little girl's a star!


Oh man, how cute is this?


Little Miss Panda is TOO CUTE!

Awww, she's such a cutie! It sounds like you had a fabulous week.

I'm so glad you had a good time with KG... Panda looks super star fab!

DUDE! that is freakin' awesome! Panda is a superstar!

Panda is soooooo adorable.

WooHoooooo! Look at Panda. Missy is happy for Panda, and glad it wasn't her on the show as her shy personality and delicate sensibilities (sp) would have held her back. Plus, her tendency toward the "vapors" would have cleared out the room.

Supa-stahhhhhhh (waving peace-sign fingers in the air)

(yes, you are right, neither Missy, nor Missy's mommy, can spell, one of your biggest pet-peeves! sooooo sorry about that)

Very cute. And Panda is a wonderful knitter.

panda looks adorable. do you know alicia

she has a very sweet dog who looks a lot like panda.

Aww... Panda is a STAR!
Now you know how I felt on Oct 29, 2006, when Ms. B was on the front page of Cute Overload (or cute overlord, as I like to call it...)

Congrats, glad you had fun with the taping.


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