While in India, I spun the aptly named Indian Wedding fiber I got from Janel.

The first time I spun this fiber, I think I was using a death grip of some sort because I recall having trouble drafting the fibers. This time, no such issues. It was pure delight to spin. I think the colorway is now discontinued not currently in stock but available by request. I'll have to think of something small and special to knit with what I have. As you can see, this is a fiber that loves the camera.

Here it is all plied up, using the always reliable Andean Plying method, to produce a soft 2-ply yarn. The results are about a DK weight or a touch lighter.

Here it is. in skein form, lounging about.

And what's that I see?

Ahhh, soft enough for a baby girl.


Oh, so pretty! The colorway isn't discontinued, I just only put up things that are in stock on the website. There will be more soon. However each dyelot is a little different, some are more intense than others.

I think Panda is dreaming of a pretty Panda-sweater out of Indian wedding! LOL.

Ah yes, the "puppy slut" position. Dog/fiber porn, I tell ya. :)

(See what THAT does for your google hits!)

Damn you. I was trying to avoid buying MORE pink roving. I seem to have an inordinate amount of the stuff.

You have the best sources for roving.

Love the pink and orange.

I've found that colorway strangely mesmerizing of late. And who can resist the doggy bellah!

Bellah! Bellah! Bellah!

I love that Panda! I never get tired of pictures of her.

You know what's wrong with pink and orange? Nothing.

That's absolutely gorgeous! A lot of people seem to like this blend but... Hmm... I'm having A LOT of trouble spinning merino/tencel right now. And I'm working with a deadline... Any tips? It's like I can't get a consistent pinch with my drafting hand.

Everybody wants to talk about your fiber.I can't stop focusing on the spindle. Three more days I will have my own and I can stop drooling on my keyboard over yours. (My husband hates that.)

OMG, that fiber is so pretty- the colors are amazing! And well, so is Miss Panda, of course!

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