Off the clock and in overdrive


Here in India, we are working the standard 6 day week, which means that when we leave work on Saturday, we are off the clock until Monday. I've been feeling a touch sick since yesterday morning, but I'll be damned if it'll keep me from enjoying my day off.

I moved out of my old hotel into one that offers a few more amenities. The last place had room service but only during normal meal hours which meant that those days in which I went to bed mid-afternoon and woke up well before sunrise...

This little guy greeted us early one morning, above the office entrance.

I often went 16 hours without a meal (though, luckily, our host always made up for the deficit, with plenty to spare). I will miss seeing "Chicken Alabama" on the room service menu, though.

I'm not from Alabama, but I don't think I've ever heard of a dish quite like that.

If you are wondering about those prices, they are in rupees. Divide by 45 and you get the approximate value in dollars. To make it easier for me (I'm not so strong with math) I just move the decimal place over two spots to the left and double it.

Some rupees.
635 rupees is equal to about $14, which could (theoretically) get me 4 servings of Chicken Alabama with something left over for tip.

Today, leaving all work responsibilities (well, maybe I did a little work in the morning) in the hotel room, Clasonda and I headed over to Panchami's house.

Yah, just a camel in traffic, nothing to look at here.

Panchami is a woman you hate to love (I mean that in the best way possible). She's successful, beautiful, a gracious host, excellent cook, phenomenal mother, loving wife, doting daughter, and generous friend. She doesn't work directly with my company but works in the same office as the people who do, and she simply jumped at the chance to host us at her house. So while she leaves us all feeling inferior, Clasonda and I knew we couldn't miss the chance to spend the day with her.

Could Panchami's mother be any cuter? I love her sari.

When drinks were done, we moved to the kitchen for a lesson in making stuffed naan.

She makes it look so easy.

We had our fill of her delicious food and then she draped a sari on me.

Yes, sure, I remember all those steps.

I think the socks and bra strap really make the outfit.

She topped off the look with a lovely necklace and a bindi. I'm not sure I'm going to trade in my trousers and blazers for saris, but I can see why so many women in India choose to wear these regularly.

You'd think with all this kindness, Panchami would feel content seeing off two full and grinning guests, but she wasn't done with us yet.

They were lovely little dishes used during the holidays. I plan to find a special place for mine at home.

After giving us gifts, she took us to the local shop where she bought her outfit and we did a little shopping.

Clasonda is getting some custom made clothing. This place rocks.

I would love to have had the time to get some outfits made before I left, but I was happy to settle for shopping vicariously through Clasonda.

Believe it or not, this is the abridged post. I have many more pictures, including some spinning to share with you. For now, though, I need some sleep.


Oh! I knew you would look fabulous in a sari! And you look great with the bindi too! What a great day you had. Too bad you have to actually work in India! LOL.. think of all the fun you could be having!

I think that a saris truly allow a woman's beauty to stand out and m'dear, you are no exception. You look simply AMAZING in that sari. Perhaps you should bring one home for Leo to see you in. I am sure he would appreciate it IMMENSELY!

That looks so fun, Marnie! And that naan looks GOOD. I hope you get some rest!

The sari looks fabulous! I'm sorry you won't be able to find Chicken Alabama around here--but you'd probably have a hard time finding "classic" lamb lasagna, too! :)

Sleep tight! I'm relieved that you're having such a fun day off. I know you've been working like a dog. You look absolutely natural in a sari. Perhas you should get one. I think they're beautiful.

I am deeply jealous of the stuffed naan lesson. Any chance you have the recipe?

The sari looks beautiful! Good luck on recreating it--it looks well worth the effort (grin).

Is it purely coincidental that Brad Pitt is in Pune at the same time you are? Is the sari a convenient disguise so you can escape the paparazzi? I must say you look lovely and very convincing.

you're looking just FINE in that sari! i used to work with an indian woman who would wear her saris in the summer. she always looked so elegant.

Just lovely! You look like you were born to glide around in a sari! Rest well!

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