A day in the night of my life in India

  • Wake up at some god awful hour which is a lazy arse late hour in the US, say 1AM here (12:30PM in PDT).
  • Stagger into bathroom, remind self repeatedly NOT to put toothbrush under tap when brushing teeth.
  • Come back out to bedroom/office/dining room/living room/blog central
  • Turn on tv and brace self. Rapidly press volume down button in anticipation of it turning on at full volume.
  • Wait for ringing in ears to subside.
  • Get caught up in commercials and shows* spoken in language I am not familiar with *Quicktime required
  • Flip through 37 overdubbed and local stations and sigh each time I hit the cartoon channels (also overdubbed)
  • Settle for BBC World News or English language anime station
  • Check if Leo is on IM
  • Log into personal email
  • Log into work email
  • Work work work work work
  • Realize still in jammies and will need to go to office
  • Lament not being home in Portland where jammies are now normal work attire
  • Ride to work in backseat of car with no seatbelts
  • Thank lucky stars it's too dark to notice just how scary the drive is
  • Work work work work work
  • 8-12 hours later, pack into the car to go back to the hotel.
  • See the cow with the groovy horns
  • Fear for safety and wellbeing of all pedestrians, animals, and other motorists, on the way
  • Make it back to hotel in what would be, by all accounts, record time
  • Knit, spin and do a bit more work, and now thanks to a generous soul at the office (Thanks Ash!) I now have an iSight to use so that Leo, Panda and I can all see each other.
  • Take shower
  • Chat with Leo and Panda some more
  • Blog and surf other peoples’ blogs
  • Tuck self into bed in the afternoon
  • Read
  • Fall asleep to sound of rush hour horns expressing their disdain for the inevitable traffic.
  • Rinse and repeat


such adorable pics - and a bit sad too, very clear you miss them! but you'll be back soon enough ;)

and see you soon as well!

Aww, Panda looks like such a snuggler.

Awww, Panda loves her papa... precious angel!

What a life! ;) Hang in there!

Whew! I'm exhausted from just hearing about your day. . . :)

Oooh, I dig those groovy horns! Yeow, sounds like quite a day. At least you get to see Leo and Panda though.

holy crap! that sounds sucky. what in the world do you do? that sounds like you were up for way too many hours. get some sleep, dear.

Oh, Marnie, your puppy is adorable, so cuddly - just think of the reunion! How long are you in India for, and, if it's not to rude to ask, what kind of work are you doing there?

the more pics i see of panda the more I want that dog lol!!

That's so nice you can chat with them via the isite, really makes it a little more bearable.. my husband travels alot and im often stuck at home with the dogs and i can't really leave because they have been home alone all day. I think my husband and I talk on the phone atleast 3 times a day while he's away.

Hurry home! I promise, i'll stop complaining that I have to work...

Wow. That sounds peaceful and glamorous all at the same time. Nothing quite like business travel is there? Hang in there, girlie, you have to make it to LA!

Indian TV is so exhuberant! I remember being really excited when I found the odd Simpsons episode or sappy chick flick (Serendipity comes to mind). Just hearing your own language can be comforting.

Poor Marnie. Aren't you old enough *yet* to ride in the front seat?

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