A little eye candy


While I wait for my spinning wheel, I have been passing the time on my non-public knitting projects and my spindle spinning. I'm pleased to say that my tencel/merino blend yarn turned out every bit as lovely as I hoped.

Here it is looking rather unassuming on top of my laundry hamper.

It's about a sport weight, two ply, spun on my 0.9 ounce Golding Tsunami

It's fairly balanced, with only a single twist in it after removing it from my niddy noddy.
But check out how much better she looks basking in a little ray of sunshine.

I actually had the skein on my desk and I had already downloaded a bunch of pictures I had taken earlier. I saw the way the sun glinted off the yarn and just had to take this second picture.

And because she makes my heart melt, here's a little picture of Panda napping near me while I work.

It doesn't get much cuter than that.


I love how that roving worked up. Gorgeous. And next to Caia, Panda is the cutest pup I know.

Lovely yarn! It could be a shiny little handbag. Or maybe a set of I-cord bracelets. Just idle thoughts.

Panda is, as always, adorable.

The yarn looks so nice and shimmery. {Panda}

WOOOO HOOOO a new wheel! I have the Schacht Double Treadle. LOVE IT! Nice yarn. You will LOVE your new wheel. yes, I'm yelling....

The handspun looks lovely.

I love the way dogs smell when they've been sleeping... or is it just my dog that smells faintly of cornchips?

What is it about that cute curly up position that makes me go all maternal? I can't resist my pups when they do that either. Fortunatly one of them loves it when I come over to her and completely envelop her in my arms and kiss kiss kiss her forehead when she is like that. I just can't help myself.

Most pups smell like fritos. Especially the tops of their heads and their paws.

Did I just admit to smelling my dogs' feet?

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