That sock


You'll have to excuse the bad photo, Leo has the camera today and so I had to use my phone.

This is the sock I started on the flight out to India. I call it "Nod to Jaywalker" because it uses a similar stitch to Grumperina's Jaywalker. The scale of the pattern I used is quite a bit smaller and the increases and decreases are paired unlike Grumperina's which uses double increases and decreases. This sock will have a ribbed fold over cuff, which is what I'm working on right now.

Oh and if I see out of sorts lately then:

  1. You are very very observant, or stalking me.

  2. It's because I'm sick and partaking of an at home pity party of one.

I was wondering why I was having such a hard time re-acclimating. I mean, I expected to be tired, but I was nearly useless. It hit me the night before last, but didn't seem too bad, however, as the work day proceeded, I just felt worse and worse. But the end of the day, I could hardly talk and was switching between bouts of sweating and bouts of chills. I had a meeting and the consensus was that I looked like hell. I've been joking that it's SARS or Avian Flu. Everyone loves hanging out with a sick person who just got back from a developing country.

So as a courtesy to everyone else, I'm taking it easy today, being well attended to by Miss Panda and all the cold soothing remedies that Leo hooked me up with last night. Go DayQuil Go!


If you get a fever, you should go into your doctor. I spent a few weeks in Mexico when I was 16 and came back with a cough, fever, chills and it ended up I had gotten pneumonia. I hope you have a quick recovery. Nice sock. I like the look of that a lot!


Jet lag is always worse going west-east, against the direction of the sun. Some sleepiness and GI trouble is normal, but fever with sweating and bouts of chills is not. That can mean a high fever, and is always reason to go to the doctor.

Go today, dearie.

Or malaria.

Just trying to help!

Um, not to be alarmist, but "malaria" was the first thought that came to me, too.
It's quite common in India...

Hope you're just jet-lagged!

Agree with Jen on the jet lag. Just drink lots of fluids and get some rest!

Or maybe a yarn store visit would help, too. Jennifer Knits is having a sale!!! :-)

West to east is worse... you already did that, so coming home should have been easier on you jet-lagwise. Not harder.

Be careful, and if you don't start feeling better soon, you know what to do.

From monsoon to forest fires....
mother nature is not amused with her tenants. Hope you are feeling's highly unlikely that
malaria would develop this quickly.
You may have just caught a cold/flu from the recirculating stale air on your LONG Flight. I enjoy all your posts..knitting or otherwise and when you're up to it.......long time no see Panda pics. Would also love you to eventually post your pattern for that beautiful shawl.

Fear not, my dear. The same thing happened to me when I returned from India (ca 1996 or so - when I was 22). For me it was an intestinal bug, jetlag-lag, culture shock, and the discovery that I'm a bit/lot allergic to wheat (long story - ate rice for a week, then ate wheat in a Gujerati restaurant - thought my intestines were trying to evacuate). Seriously - got better very quickly after reaclimatization, and am sure you will too.

You will be better in a day or two. Whenever I travel that far I go through the same thing, but in my case, I manage to get sick while still in the foreign country and get a taste of their system of medicine. Thank goodness you're home.

I hope it's not a computer virus!! Very nice sock though.

Hie Thee to the doctor! If you just turned up feeling bad after a day at the beach it would be one thing, but whenever someone is ill coming back from a developing country, western medicine is REQUIRED.

I'll be anxiously thinking of you until your next post...

I'm so sorry you're sick but it's not unusual. After six months in Belize (where I never got sick) I came back to the States and got sick sick sick. It was terrible. The same thing happened when I came back from Egypt (where I also never got sick) Take care, drink lots of water!

Travelling is so much fun but it can be exhausting. Eat your chicken soup - feel better soon Marnie.

No worries, being nursed back to health by your puppy is the best way to go!

Lovin' that yarn! What is it?

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