A bit of follow up a bit late


You know, I never mentioned that the new Spindlicity was up. It's rather silly that I never mentioned it because my pattern, Merigold, is there.

And if that weren't enough, the results of the Shawl Contest that I entered are there too. No, I didn't win, but my god, go see the beautiful piece that did. It was spun and knit by Nancy Ratliffe and it's a beaut! You can see all the other finalists' entries as well. I'm really glad I didn't have to judge that competition.

As always, there are a ton of great articles in this edition. I never cease to be impressed with Janel's in-depth reviews of fibers and/or techniques. Of particular interest to me in this edition is the article on different silk substitutes.


Nancy is a local spinner/weaver/knitter and a source of inspiration to us all -- and a very nice person to boot! :) I was delighted to see her shawl, and that she'd won.

Yet again Panda is an outstanding model. It's great to see you both in Spindlicity.

I like your shawl better...

so pretty, the shawl (and hat and girl)

I love the hat. And the shawl, especially the color. Congrats on getting them both in Spindlicity. And by the way, you are an evil, evil person for posting about exotic fiber kits, with links to the people who sell them. More evil is the incredibly reasonably priced "Learn to Spin" kit that they offer, that should be in my hot little hands next week. If I get into spinning, I'm holding you (and Lee Ann over at Fuzzy Logic) totally responsible.

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