I'm going to coin a term today


Warning! Politician banter ahead. You definitely don't have to agree with me, but please play nice.

So anyway, my brother, his girlfriend and I met up for dinner and we were waxing politically, as we are wont to do. I asked the question, "Hey, you know that whole Sodom and Gomorrah thing? Why did we get "Sodomy" but not "Gomorry"? And that's when it occurred to me. We need this word.

Click the image, or get the full definition after the bump.

In the mean time, I say we all start using the word. No, it isn't just a liberal thing, apply liberally (or conservatively, or even judiciously) as needed. Got an out of control school board? Is your mother really irking you? Did a crappy driver cut you off and then drive 10 miles under the speed limit? This word is free for any of the many uses you might find.


v., -rized, -riz•ing, -riz•es
To give the appearance of moral righteousness, then, by one’s actions, literally or figuratively sodomize a person or group. ex: Limbaugh’s insistence on condemning drug abuse while abusing drugs himself, underscores his tendency to gomorrize the public

Gomorry (n)

ex: It was a blatant act of gomorry for the reverend to lambaste adultery while keeping a string of mistresses, throughout his career.

Gomorrizer (n)

ex: That congressman was a gomorrizer, but I repeat myself.


Heh heh -- I like it!

Hee, hee.
Nice. I'll use it today!


I love your collection of Golding spindles -- I just bought one -- gorgeous, huh!

Too funny -- love your usage sentences.

OMG Too funny! I love it. ^__^

Also, if you haven't read Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them, you might like it. (This is the second time I've recommended this book and I feel like I'm pimping it. o_O) I listened to it on audio book on a recent road trip down to Encino, but unfortunately one of the CDs was too scratched to play. I'm going to buy a copy, if I can ever find it.

ha! i'm am sooo adding that to my daily vocab. thanks!

This post still has me laughing!! Excellent and I intend to link this from my blog so others can enjoy this new word and being using it at all possible opportunities!!

Perfect! There was a linguistic gulf, and you've filled it! :)

I like it, I want a t-shirt now!

Great word!

I'm all for coining new terms - this was a good one!

That's really funny! Here in Canada we have Justice John Gomery, who's job it is (was? d'oh!) to decide wether or not there were any criminal dealings surrounding a government sponsorship programme. Thing is, he is forbidden from naming anyone. He has, however, been criticized by many for being biased. So... does that make Gomery a Gomorrer...? :)

The first usage example has a misspelling.

-Bill, who knows about these things

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