Quick Update on the Purple Stuff


I spun a bit more of my new purple roving and plied it. I thought you might like a pre-wash shot of it in all its glory. The shades came together in a striking tweed-like way. It's even better than I could have hoped.

A bit more after the bump

I tried hanging the roving in a couple of spots and Panda stopped in to help. Can you see that my roving is hanging without twisting on itself? I'm pretty proud of that. I'm spinning fairly evenly these days and I think this is one of the few lengths of spinning I've done where I haven't ended up breaking one of the singles while plying, so no knots. Ohh la la.

Oh, and what do you think Panda is thinking in this picture?

For some reason the words "plot," "demise," and "while you are sleeping," all spring to mind.


I think she's trying to figure out how to get you away from the fiber and spindle and off to the beach for some Panda fun. So, maybe she's just plotting the demise of the spindle!

I love your freshly spun purple yarn. It's gorgeous.

Hmm. I think Panda is indeed up to sometimg. "I have a cunning plan" comes to mind...

Happy New Year!

I dunno, looks to me more like Panda is thinking... hey you...yeah you, with the gorgeous purple yarn, hows about you and me take a walk out side...maybe sniff some dirt? hey? what about it? ;)

A quick spinning tip: When you break a single while plying you don't need to tie a knot to get going again. Just open up the two ply that you doing right before the break and lay in the broken end between the two plies about and inch or so from the break. Then start spinning again. For a very short bit you will have a 3-ply but it is bairly noticeable. Hope this helps!

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