My roving has a project


On the spinning front, I've been making as big a dent in this as I can.

That's my merino silk blend roving, which I've been spinning for a while now. I went back and forth, trying to decide what I'd knit with it, but I've decided to use it for this. Right now, I'm attempting to design my own shawl. I should note that I've never designed a shawl before, but hey, the worst that can happen is I make a less than stellar, piece. Who hasn't done that before?

Here is everything I've spun to date. I would say these photos are fairly accurate in showing the texture and color. I'm rather surprised at how much I've spun without getting bored. That braid at the top is about 5.8 ounces and the stuff on the bottom represents about 1.5 ounces. There has probably been another half an ounce of various problems, frustrations, knit swatches that wouldn't come undone and the like. We will speak no further of those.

So far, my experience with spinning this fiber has been good. There are occasional slubs of the merino content. Sometimes they are easy to pick out and sometimes they become "features" of the yarn. Otherwise, the spinning is fairly easy if rather imperfect. The silk content makes drafting smooth and delightful but not very even and it occasionally gets away from me. Since I haven't actually started the piece, I simply spin when the mood hits me. I may be more flustered if knitting is held up by spinning. We shall see.

Either way, it has to take a back seat as it is "that time of year" (which should be said in a most ominous tone) so there are other projects that take priority.

By the way, I'm so happy that a bunch of you left a comment to assure me that you still manage to make it to my site. My bloglines account hasn't shown a single new post for me since I switched to MT, but if at least a few of you are still stopping by then I'll keep posting away. I have fodder for several more posts, already.


i'm here! i'm sure there are a heap of others too. I love that roving, and the spindle is DIVINE almost makes me want one, but is it enough to lure me away from my trusty (and fast) wheel? I think that I would have a very limited attention span with a spindle. but it so purty.

just so you know, i check your blog for updates pretty much daily (because i know you always have something going on!) and love reading about your adventures in spinland.

i also know what you mean by 'that time of year'. i haven't worked on anything for myself for a couple months now (ok... well, maybe a little on the side) i think knitting almost beats baking in terms of affordable gift giving when you keep it small, plus it lasts longer.

i think that contest is an awesome idea, and i'm sure you'll come up with something spectacular. i would recommend spinning most of it up before you start knitting, or you might get frustrated ;-)

and while i started xmas gifts in july...i still have a few left, but fortunately, it's all small stuff. but, since i work at my LYS, i can safely say that there are several people who are only now getting things to make for xmas. so, really, whatever works for you.

Love the spinning. Mine has taken a back seat for the holidays, but I'll be shawling with you in the New Year!

Don't stop posting! I love your blog. Great pictures, great FO's, gentle but lively tone. It is an (almost) daily treat for me.

The hand spun yarn is coming along beautifully - looks great xx

Marni, I read your blog constantly!!

I am dying to try my hand at hand spinning, I feel inspired now! That yarn looks GREAT.

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