More Dragon Hoodie


Well, I took the comments to heart and I decided two things,

  1. You need a view of the back of the Dragon Hoodie Thanks Julia

  2. The sweater needs spots

Here's the back. The spine is crocheted, though a person who can't crochet could certainly do some garter stitch points instead. It's very soft so it just flops to one side when baby lies on it.

And here's what I think I want to do for spots. Instead of patches, like the original has, I'm doing bobbles. I used Nicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments as a reference for the technique. I think it'll be cute and much faster than trying to get full sized spots knit before this afternoon when the recipient's mom arrives.

I'll, of course, have a final picture for you when it's done.


The sweater looks adorable, nice job! BTW, my friend picked up some Rowan Calmer in the dark purple color, so I'll be able to get started on Deciduous (sp?), I'm so excited to work on it over New Years!
Happy New Year to you and Leo!

OMG. Did they have enough of those colors at ML for me to make one for my 2.5 year-old niece? (Or maybe her newborn sister - that's probably a better option.) It's insanely cute. I wish I were going to see it before it gets sent out. Too frickin adorable. BTW, I need a little crocheting lesson when I return. I have yet another project that requires it. Oh, and knitting machine lessons, too. Stop my blog in the next 40 or so minutes because I'm posting about it right now. I could use your input. Miss you!

too cute! and i've done the garter points. i made a stegosaurus to go with a charity baby set, and the spikes on the back were garter points done in a row. too cute! (did i say that again?)

Marnie, that is simply precious. What a fabulous little knit!

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